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Trump Gives Strong, Clear Speech In Pensacola

Friday night, President Donald J. Trump delivered a strong, clear and happy speech to a massive crowd in Pensacola, Florida. The ′Make America Great Again′ rally was ′Classic Trump′. High energy, manly and fun! No slurred words. No signs of dementia or other illnesses. If the idiotic, crazy Mika Brzezinski and her stupid lover, ′Psycho Joe′ Scarborough were watching, they might have wished they had not tried to disparage President Trump this week with such talk about the state of his mind and health. Nope, President Donald Trump spoke for some 80 minutes to a packed auditorium where tens of thousands cheered his every sentence.




The crowd had much to cheer about. The economy is doing great! Unemployment is at a 17-year low. In manufacturing, unemployment is at its lowest level, 2.8%, since World War 2. The stock markets are roaring away. Businesses are growing and hiring. Consumers are spending with high confidence about the future being brighter. GDP growth is at 3.3%, higher than it has been in a decade. The ′New Normal′ of the Obama Malaise has been replaced by the ′New Optimism′ of the Trump Bump!


A powerful bump, indeed. Just in the his first 10 months since taking office, President Trump has spurred some 180,000 new manufacturing jobs. High-paying, full-time jobs! During the 8 years of Barack Obama, America was losing over 1,000 manufacturing jobs per month. The few jobs created under Obama were mostly part-time, temporary jobs at low wages. With millions of illegal immigrants flooding our borders, legal citizens saw little, if any, growth in their paychecks. Coupled with higher taxes, most Americans lost spending power.


But President Donald Trump has reversed all of that! In sweeping moves, he has reinvigorated the economy. So far, mainly by slashing regulations which have been strangling our industries and small businesses. With a pending tax reform bill, which will cut taxes for some 95 million American households, adding an average of about $6,000 per year in spending power, the economy is poised to really take off, with potential GDP growth rates of 5% or more!


At the ′Make America Great Again′ rally last night in Pensacola, Florida, President Donald Trump also slammed the Fake News Media, which has been getting more of their stories wrong. CNN even had to apologize for a story they tried to float earlier Friday about Donald Trump Jr. having ties with WikiLeaks. The story was a total lie! CNN got the dates wrong on the alleged emails, which show they took place, if ever, AFTER WikiLeaks had already made hacked emails public. President Trump also slammed ABC News for a story about him and the Russia probe which was totally false, and had caused a drop in the Dow Jones of some 350 points last week Friday.


This goes to show just how desperate the enemies of President Trump are getting. The Fake News Media spreading more lies and rumors, but these new lies are exposed quickly, often within hours. In the past, it sometimes took a day or two to expose their falsehoods. They are scraping the bottom of the barrel as they run out of accusations. On top of that, with the economy getting better and better, it is getting harder and harder for the Fake News Media to ignore the good which President Donald Trump is doing.


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