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Trump In China

President Donald J. Trump is in China, discussing serious issues like trade and North Korea. If you follow the Fake News Media today, much of what they are talking about is a statement he made during a meeting. That President Trump doesn′t blame China for the trade imbalance with the United States. Had the Fake News Media been actually paying attention, they would know that President Donald Trump has been saying this all through his 2016 election campaign. He has always blamed Barack Obama, and other presidents and U.S. officials for being foolish patsies.




This, of course, is the heart of what we call Economic Nationalism. That a rationally run Nation State functions in such a way as doing what is best for their own people. China clearly operates in this manner. However, for decades, America has been governed by idiots who are more interested in doing what is best for them to get high-paying jobs as foreign lobbyists once they leave government service. So nearly all of our trade agreements favor those nations we negotiate with, leaving our own citizens, and industries, raped and pillaged.


But the Fake News Media just doesn′t ′get it′ as they are schooled by the same idiotic educators who teach our future diplomats. If a trade deal causes factories to close and jobs to leave America, such is the price of Globalism. So far, President Trump′s Asia trip has been a smashing success. Our ties with Japan and South Korea are most definitely stronger than any time in the past decade. In China, President Trump has been shown far more respect than the way they treated Barack Obama. China realizes that the White House is now occupied by somebody who knows what he is doing and has the strength and backbone to act.


You would never know this from watching or reading anything from the Fake News Media. Such goes against their entire fake new narrative about President Trump being ill-equipped to handle foreign affairs. ′The Truth′ is that President Donald Trump is quite skilled and comfortable in handling international matters. His real-world, business experience allows him to transition perfectly when it comes to discussions and negotiations. These are things he has done most effectively his entire adult life! So, it is no wonder that his visit to China has been very successful. They even honored him with a state dinner in a part of the Forbidden City which no other U.S. president has been allowed to visit. Now THAT, my friends, is a sign of true respect!


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