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Trump Job Approval Hits 48 Percent

by Andrew Zarowny, 7/31/2018


The Rasmussen Report tracking poll now has the job approval rating for President Donald J. Trump at 48%, a new record high! Rasmussen was in the top three polling services which accurately predicted the 2016 election results. In fact, they have been one of the most accurate for well over a decade. President Trump has been rising in other polls, as well. This, despite the non-stop, endless assault by the Fake News Media. However, it is not hard to understand why his approval numbers are improving. The economy is doing fantastic!



Last Friday, the 2nd Quarter GDP numbers were released, showing a growth rate of 4.1%. This puts President Trump′s average at 2.8%, a 40% improvement over the Barack Obama average of just 1.8%. In addition, the 1st Quarter GDP rate was adjusted upwards, too! Over $7 Trillion dollars of new wealth has been added to the American economy since President Trump took office. We have seen some 3.7 Million new jobs created, with unemployment at historic lows, even record lows for Blacks and Hispanics!


Consumer confidence is high with spending increasing. The bad old days of the Obama ″New Normal″ appear to be over, once and for all. Even our trade deficit has declined some $50 Billion dollars! The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 has kicked in, giving Middle Class Americans more take-home pay. Not only are they keeping more of their own money now, wages have also been starting to increase. Businesses are hiring again as they expand, no longer strangled by taxes or excessive regulations. We now have more job listings than unemployed people seeking work! A far cry from the Obama Era when, at one point, there were some 12 unemployed people chasing a single want ad.


President Trump′s policy of ″America First″ has also been making a positive impact on the world stage. Both our friends and enemies are respecting us more than they did during the Obama Era. Improved trade deals are being negotiated, most recently with the European Union, and there are signs of progress in trade talks with Canada, Mexico for a new NAFTA deal. Even China is beginning to feel the pinch of the tariffs President Trump has been imposing. South Korea and Japan are opening their markets more for us and North Korea has suspended testing nuclear weapons and its ballistic missiles. They have even begun returning the remains of our soldiers lost during the Korean War. Terrorist groups like ISIS are on the run, decimated by better rules of engagement meant to bring about a lasting victory.


Of course, in the Fake News Media, all you hear is negative stories. Most are plain silly, like this nonsense about lawyer Michael Cohen and his audio recordings. A leaked, altered copy of one recording concerns an alleged conversation between Cohen and Trump from more than 2 years ago about making ′hush money payments to former Playboy model, Karen MacDougall. While CNN and others try making it out to be the crime of the century, the reality is that no payments were ever made! Now they are talking about an alleged second meeting with Russian lawyers at Trump Towers that never happened. The first one turned out be nothing but a talk about lifting sanctions on adopting Russian orphan babies. Oh, the shame of it all!


So there you have it! President Donald Trump is enjoying improving poll numbers, now much better than those of Barack Obama at the same point in his term of office. Rasmussen Reports has President Trump with a 48% approval number in its tracking poll. Other polls, even those by Fake News Media outlets like CBS and NBC, also show his job approval improving. With a booming economy, things look good for Republicans to do well in the 2018 midterm elections. Especially with the Democratic Party fixated on abolishing ICE and wanting to raise taxes and increase the National Debt for more Socialism. Some even want free MediCare for all at a cost of some $32.6 Trillion dollars over the next 10 years. Even doubling existing individual and corporate taxes would barely get you half of that price tag!


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