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Trump Keeps Winning! More Jobs, North Korea Summit

Yesterday was a very good day for President Donald J. Trump! He keeps winning, and winning, and winning more! First, America was greeted with an excellent jobs report for May, 2018. Some 233,000 new jobs were created, driving the national unemployment rate down to 3.8%, the first time its been that low in some 18 years. Unemployment rates for African-Americans dipped to 5.9%, the lowest ever since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began keeping track. Also on Friday, President Trump met with North Korean General Kim Yong-chul, the Number 2 man in the hermit country. He presented a strangely large letter to President Trump from Kim Jong Un. Plans for the June 12 summit in Singapore between the United States and North Korea are now officially back on!




Everything is Huuuge in Trump World! Only the biggest and the best! Naturally, the idiots in the Democratic Party and their allies in the Fake News Media went crazy over these new developments. Some media pundits and hosts were angry that President Trump had tweeted on Twitter at about 7am EDT about how he was looking forward to the May Jobs Report. The fools accused him of leaking, even of breaking the law, as if his tweet was some sort of insider information. The demented Nancy Pelosi claimed that the good jobs report means nothing as citizens now face higher prices. There was an increase in wages, now averaging 2.7% for the year.


Some are still trying to credit Barack Obama with the improved economy. However, back in early 2016, Obama appeared at a televised town hall meeting in Elkhart, Indiana. When asked about the loss of manufacturing jobs, Obama offered no hope, telling the folks that those jobs were gone forever. Obama even threw some shade at then Candidate Trump about claiming that he will bring jobs back from Mexico and other countries. Well, President Trump has succeeded in just that!


Democrats and The Media were also unhappy about how the North Korea Summit is back on. First, they were mad because they thought President Trump was going to start a nuclear war with North Korea. Then, they said he was being played as a sucker when the first summit plans were announced. Then they went back to square one when the President canceled the summit. Now, they returned to square two after the summit was back on. There is simply no pleasing these idiots! They hate the reality that President Donald Trump is proving himself to be a truly great leader and making America, safer, wealthier and great again!


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