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Trump Meets Putin At Helsinki Summit

by Andrew Zarowny, 7/16/2018


President Donald J. Trump met with Vladimir Putin at a summit in Helsinki, Finland today. The two leaders discussed a wide range of topics, including nuclear weapons, China, trade, the civil war in Syria, Ukraine, Iran, North Korea, and, of course, the alleged Russian meddling in our 2016 elections. Democrats and Fake News TV pundits seem to think that the meddling should be the Number One issue, more so than Russia′s 6,500 nuclear warheads. Especially after Friday′s indictment by the Robert Mueller team of 12 Russian spies. I have to wonder how many millions of taxpayers′ dollars did it take for Mueller to figure out that spies spy?




Keep in mind that there is not a shred of any evidence that Russia colluded with the Trump campaign in 2016, nor that anything Russia may have done had any impact on the election outcome. There really is not much hard evidence that the 12 Russian spies actually hacked the computer systems of the DNC or the Hillary Clinton campaign. Neither allowed the FBI access to their equipment to trace any Russian hacking. Hillary′s hard drives were all wiped clean, and not with a towel! The DNC′s computer′s were examined by a company, Cloud Strike, which has ties to Ukraine, Obama and the Clintons. Even their analysis showed that the download speeds from the alleged hacking were too fast to have only been done by direct, physical access, attaching a thumb drive or other device to the DNC LAN system.


With the current START agreement due to expire in 2021, nuclear disarmament will most likely be the Number One issue President Trump discusses with Putin. Also nuclear proliferation, concerning North Korea and Iran. Beyond that, getting the Russians to help squeeze Iran out of Syria and other issues like Ukraine will take precedence over election meddling. Let′s face facts, the Obama administration, through the FBI and DOJ, as well as our own Fake News Media, did far more to meddle with the 2016 elections than anything Russia may have done. The Mueller witch hunt has also done far more to erode trust in our national institutions, too!


The meetings got a late start as Putin arrived this afternoon, Helsinki time. The first, private meeting with just interpreters with the two leaders went well past the 90-minute scheduled time. The second meeting, which includes full staffs of each, will probably also go long. A joint press conference will follow. We can expect the American Fake News Media to badger both President Trump and Putin with idiotic questions about election meddling and collusion. It should prove amusing, though a total waste of time. Hopefully, John Roberts of Fox News will ask a REAL question!


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