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Trump Nemesis Eric Schneiderman Busted, Resigns

We just love it when the arrogant hypocrites crash and burn! President Donald Trump long ago hinted that New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was worse than Elliot Spitzer or Anthony Weiner. Both of those politicians were undone by sexual misconduct allegations. New Yorker Magazine reporters Jane Mayer and Ronan Farrow went to press yesterday with a stunning tale from four women accusing Schneiderman of physical, sexual abuse. This, after Schneiderman gave a speech at a recent #MeToo award ceremony honoring Farrow and others for exposing the alleged wrong doings of Harvey Weinstein.




I have to say that it was a big toss up on what I was going to write about today. Last night I penned a critical piece about some things John McCain has been saying of late. I was testing a writing app I downloaded onto my Fire tablet called JotterPad. Of course, the big news later this afternoon is that President Trump will announce his decision about whether or not we will remain part of the multinational Iran nuclear deal? There is also the side story on that topic about whether or not John Kerry is violating the infamous Logan Act as part of some shadow diplomacy?


But, the Schneiderman story earned the honor of my attention today. Mainly because Schneiderman has been very active in the legal assaults against President Trump. Schneiderman was even part of the ′secret society′ mentioned in those FBI text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. While the Mueller probe hunted down something to be used for an impeachment case, Schneiderman was to look for something to indict the President or his family members on at the state level. Under the Constitution, a sitting President cannot be prosecuted for any federal crimes, only impeached through both wings of Congress. This is one of the reasons why there are serious questions about what Mueller is doing and why we, The People, need to see the ′Scope Memo′ Rod Rosenstein issued to Mueller.


From reading the New York article, it seems that the four women are accusing Eric Schneiderman of allegedly forcing them to act out some sadomasochistic, role-playing games. In some cases, these acts allegedly went far beyond anything ′game like′, such as involving physical violence in the forms of striking and choking the women. He allegedly forced these women to participate by threatening them, including having their phones tapped and other means connected to his official office as NY State Attorney General. One could say that this is why Schneiderman quickly resigned from office after the New Yorker published the story. Even the slightest hint of such allegations would completely undermine his official authority.


Some of the women became very active once the #MeToo movement began. According to the New Yorker article, Eric Schneiderman allegedly threatened those women not to talk or write about him. But, they eventually did. My guess is that a lot of people knew about this. Guys like them think they can get away with anything. Now, I know what you might be thinking. What about the allegations against President Trump? If just half of the New Yorker story is true, it goes way beyond anything that Trump was accused of. Even in the Stormy Daniels story, it was just one time and consensual, if it ever happened at all.


The allegations against Eric Schneiderman, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose and others are pretty bad and depict a very dark pattern of behavior. Especially these allegations about Schneiderman! They are very shocking! Which is exactly what President Trump had said long ago. Something these guys ought to realize is that those who own hotels often know plenty about what goes on in the rooms of their establishments. When Trump was talking a couple weeks about knowing things about Senator Jon Tester, I bet he really does!


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