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Trump SOTU Speech 2020

President Donald J. Trump delivered the 2020 State of the Union speech last night.  He was inspirational, yet low-key by Trump standards.  The theme was the "Great American Comeback".  But not everyone in the chamber of the House of Representatives was happy that America is a stronger, wealthier, safer and more prosperous nation.  Democrats sat on their hands throughout much of the SOTU speech for 2020.  Nancy Pelosi even tore up the official copy of the SOTU, which, the Constitution requires the President to give Congress each year in writing which is then given to the National Archives for safe keeping.  At one point, House Democrat women, all dressed in white per the Suffragette Movement, collectively hissed at President Trump.  Democrats cheered at very little of the speech, even when Trump gave a young Black girl a scholarship to a private school.  Nor when a surviving member of the Tuskegee airmen got his brigadier general star while his grandson dreams of joining the newly created Space Force.  Nor would House Democrats applaud for the mother whose daughter was born prematurely after just 21 weeks and is now a healthy 2 year old.


President Trump has the wind at his back!  He has been enjoying success after success since being elected.  Like Winston Churchill, who did his best work while bombs were falling all about him, Trump has kept nearly every promise he made in 2016 despite all of the efforts to remove him from office.  The latest Gallup Poll shows Trump's popularity at its highest ever at 49%, 10 points better than when the whole Ukraine nonsense began.  Even higher among Independents.  His job approval for managing the economy is 63%.  Today, at about 4pm Eastern, the U.S. Senate will vote to acquit Trump from the phony, highly partisan impeachment charges, orchestrated by House Democrats.  

America's economy is doing great, with real growth in wages and GDP.  Especially for lower income workers, who have seen wages increase some 4% to 7 % in the past 3 years.  Unlike the Obama economy, which only benefitted the top 10%, the Trump economy has benefitted the bottom 50%.  Blacks, Hispanics and Asians have the lowest unemployment levels since WW2.  Women have the lowest unemployment level in some 50 years.  Unemployment among teenagers, the disabled and veterans is also at the lowest level in decades.  But Democrats ignore these facts.

One highlight of the SOTU speech last night was when President Trump honored Rush Limbaugh, wishing him well now that Rush has been diagnosed with advanced, Stage 4 lung cancer.  Trump awarded Limbaugh the Presidential Freedom medal, presented to him by First Lady Melania Trump in the House gallery.  No doubt that Rush Limbaugh has done far more to advance the cause of freedom than any Democrat elected to office.

For over 90 minutes, President Donald Trump listed success after success during his State of the Union speech.  In an overnight poll by CBS News, a whopping 76% liked Trump's speech.  Just 24% disliked it.  The hardcore, Liberal haters.  They are unhappy that we have a Great American Comeback.  Liberals thrive on chaos and disaster.  Just look at the Democrat Iowa Caucus.  That is why Nancy Pelosi tore up the official copy of the SOTU speech for 2020.  Which, I suspect, may have been a federal felony, destroying a national document.  It was suppose to be turned over to the National Archives for safe keeping.  If you love America, President Trump gave a great speech last night.  If you hate America, then you suck!  It is as simple as that!

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