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Trump Tells NATO Summit 2018, Pay Up

by Andrew Zarowny, 7/12/2018


President Donald J. Trump had one demand to the NATO Summit 2018. ″Pay up!″ Only 5 of the 29 NATO nations are meeting their financial obligations to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Most of the wealthier NATO allies, especially Germany, are shirking their duty, spending only about 1.1% on defense. At the same time, Germany is forking over billions to Russia, buying some 70% of their oil and natural gas from them. President Trump is not happy about that.





NATO was founded at the start of the Cold War after WW2, when the old Soviet Union occupied Eastern Europe and threatened the rest of the continent, along with the whole world. The United States led the way to defend Western Europe from Soviet aggression. Not only by maintaining a large military presence in Europe, but also in assisting war torn nations in their economic recovery.


In return, our allies have protected their industries and workers with massive subsidies to their businesses and huge tariffs on imported goods from America. Most Western Europeans enjoy considerable social welfare benefits, including complete health care coverage and lengthy vacations. Some countries literally shutdown for a month or longer as their whole populations take a holiday.


Meanwhile, American taxpayers, workers and consumers foot the bill for Europe′s life of ease. President Trump sees this and it irritates him. His America First policy is to end decades of our nation being played for as chumps with a big checkbook, open to all. In Brussels, Belgium, President Trump scolded our NATO allies for not doing enough to protect their own territory. Why are we footing the bill to defend them from Russia while our allies do business with the Russians?


As a businessman, President Trump thinks that this is a bad arrangement for America. NATO needs to pony up and pay for their own defense. He informed them that not only should they be paying the required 2% of the GDP towards defense, but that number should be doubled to 4%! Plus stop giving Russia the cash they need to build their military, too! Especially now as America is energy rich and producing enough oil and natural gas to export it.


At the end of the NATO Summit 2018, our allies caved in and are agreeing to President Donald Trump′s demands. But talk is cheap, so we will have to see if our allies actually do start spending more on defense. The President will be heading next to the UK for a meeting with the British. After that, his next stop will be Helsinki to have a one-on-one with Vladimir Putin. President Trump intends to discuss a wide range of topics, including North Korea, Ukraine, Syria and Iran. He will even again bring up the subject of election interference.


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