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Trump To Appoint Illegal Immigrant To Supreme Court

by Andrew Zarowny, 7/6/2018


Imagine if President Donald J. Trump were to announce that he was nominating an illegal immigrant from Mexico or Central America to the United States Supreme Court. A pretty wild idea, huh? But, what might be even more wild would be the reaction to this by the Democrats and the pro-abortion crowd. After all, most people from Mexico and Central American nations are Catholics! Think of the uproar such a decision would be! Madonna would lead an army of Pink Pussy Hats and surround Washington, DC with the lard of Michael Moore. Even fellow Catholic Nancy Pelosi would have no choice but to denounce such a nomination of one of the noble, Hispanic illegal immigrants. The fear that such a judge might be the vote to overturn Roe v. Wade would send the Far Left into a complete, all-consuming frenzy!




Yes, I know, President Trump would never do such a thing. The U.S. Constitution would not allow such a nominee. I bring this up because of the reaction we are already seeing towards Circuit Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett. This graduate of Notre Dame Law School is a Catholic, and is one of the seven judges on President Trump′s short list for replacing Justice Anthony Kennedy. Judge Barrett is 45, sits on the bench of the 7th Circuit Court, and has an impressive record. She is more than qualified to be a Justice of the Supreme Court.


However, her being a Catholic is already causing a considerable stir among the Liberals. I have even heard some warn that she might take direction on her judgments directly from the Vatican, much as some thought John F. Kennedy might as President. Some even joke about her being a ″good Catholic″ because she has 7 children, another of the usual stereotypes. Her Catholic faith was a subject during her appointment hearings to the 7th Circuit of Appeals. Senator Dianne Feinstein raised the matter during confirmation hearings last year when President Trump appointed Judge Barrett to the 7th Circuit Court.


Bad enough that Judge Barrett is a Catholic, she is also a member of a Pentecostal group called People of Praise. They believe the idea of being baptized by the Holy Spirit, as well as the potential for speaking in tongues. So, not only is Judge Barrett a Catholic, she is a Charismatic Catholic! As Robin the Boy Wonder might say, ″Holy Cow!″


President Donald Trump will announce his pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy this coming Monday at 9pm EDT. Speculation currently has Judge Amy Coney Barrett on a short list of 3 probable choices. The President certainly wants someone who is Conservative and a Constitutional Constructionist. Rumor has it that he would like to appoint a woman, too. Keep in mind that under the current political situation, anyone he appoints is going to have a rough time. Getting through the Senate will be difficult for any of his potential nominees. But, I would love to see him choose Judge Barrett. I believe she would make an excellent Justice on the Supreme Court.


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