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Trump To Declassify Deep State Docs

by Andrew Zarowny, 9/18/2018


Hallelujah! President Donald J. Trump has ordered the declassification and release of many Deep State documents. The first which may be made public this week could be the fourth FISA surveillance renewal request which was signed off by Rod Rosenstein. In addition will be the FBI 302 documents of interviews conducted during the Russia collusion probe, along with the text messages from many top officials in the FBI, DOJ and Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Some documents may also give us a peek at any involvement by officials from the CIA, NSA and Department of State in the Russian collusion hoax.




With each new release of such documents, we have learned more and more about how the Barack Obama administration aided the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign to smear and incriminate Candidate Donald Trump in 2016. As well as efforts to subvert and obstruct the Trump administration once it took power. Phoney evidence to support phoney allegations, along with an endless stream of leaked confidential material has plagued the Trump White House for more than a year and a half.


With assistance from the Fake News Media, the Deep State cabal has divided and distracted America. Eroding faith and respect for many government institutions. The Deep State has become a cancer, sapping the life out of our nation. The time has come to expose and shatter these people who seek to strangle democracy for their own, personal gain.


The order by President Donald Trump to release a vast quantity of FBI, DOJ and DNI text messages and documents is only the first step. As citizens and taxpayers, we have a right to know how our government operates. Especially how some well-placed miscreants have been trying to undermine and undue the will of the American People.


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