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Trump Visits Japan, Heads For South Korea

President Donald J. Trump began his 12-day Asia trip arriving in Japan Sunday morning, local time. He first landed at Yokota Air Base where he spoke to a hanger full of U.S. military personnel. The President and First Lady were warmly greeted by our troops, who supplied our Commander in Chief with a cool flight jacket. President Trump then went to Tokyo and met with Japan′s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. They played a round of golf together and discussed North Korea and other issues, such as trade.




One point during his speech at Yokota was to embrace Japan′s warrior culture. During his 2016 campaign, Candidate Trump often spoke about Japan and our other allies taking on a larger role in defense matters. So, it was interesting to hear him talk about Japan in terms of its warrior traditions. Something not said by U.S. presidents since World War 2.


There is no doubt that President Trump is setting the stage for talks with China, scheduled later in his trip this week. Obviously, Japan has concerns over recent events in North Korea. They have launched ballistic missiles over Japan and are threatening to test a nuclear bomb above ground. Fallout from such a test could drift towards Japan.


China is also raising more concerns as they make moves in the Western Pacific. Some see President Trump may be countering China′s use of North Korea as a surrogate by giving Japan more leeway in defense matters. After World War 2, Japan decided not to allow its military forces to be used overseas. During the War in Afghanistan after 9/11, Japan did permit some units to provide logistical and other non-lethal services in other countries. The Trump Doctrine appears to be opening the door for Japan to permit offensive combat units to be used where needed. Particularly on the Korean Peninsula should North Korea start a war.


South Korea is President Trump′s next stop in his Asia trip. There is no doubt that North Korea will be the primary topic of discussion. Part of those talks may include arranging for Japanese military units to operate in South Korea. This would be a major shift in international policy. Especially since the history between the Japanese and Koreans has been as enemies for much of the past.


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