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Trump Welcomes Freed Hostages Home

President Donald J. Trump welcomed the 3 freed hostages home after their detention in North Korea. The three men, Kim Hak Song, Tony Kim and Kim Dong Chul had been imprisoned by the North Korean government for various charges of espionage and even of plotting to overthrow the government. Chul was arrested back in 2015, the others in 2017. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew to North Korea and arranged for their release prior to the upcoming summit between President Trump and Kim Song Un. The failing New York Times had published a curious piece of fake news about Pompeo being absent during the announcement about the withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. Turns out he was in Pyongyang doing his job. The summit will take place in Singapore sometime in June.




The jet returning the hostages to America arrived around 3am at Joint Base Andrews. The President and First Lady were there to greet the hostages, as well as the Vice President and his wife. After the warm greeting, the three hostages were taken to Walter Reed Hospital for a medical check up. They will spend time with their families there and later be debriefed for any useful information they can provide. Some questions will undoubtedly concern other possible hostages, including one other American who might be being detained, as well as several Japanese nationals known to be in North Korea.


There was much speculation that the three Americans were going to be released directly to President Trump at the upcoming Summit with Kim Song Un. There has also been ′chatter′ that the release was a precondition demanded by the United States before any summit. Some also are theorizing that the release was done now since an earlier idea of holding the summit at the DMZ ′Peace Center′ has been shelved. The facility is too small to accommodate the number of dignitaries and the media whom will attend.


Either way, it is a happy day as three Americans held hostage by North Korea have been freed. They are now safely back in the USA after arriving at about 3am this morning at Joint Base Andrews just outside Washington, DC. The three men were welcomed home by President Trump and his wife, as well as by Vice President Pence and his wife. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew the hostages home after arranging their freedom from North Korea.


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