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Trump Wins EU Trade Deal

by Andrew Zarowny, 7/26/2018


President Donald J. Trump won another victory as the European Union caved on tariffs. A trade deal with the EU was struck yesterday. President Trump met with EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at the White House. At a Rose Garden announcement, the American people were told that the EU has conceded on many demands to President Trump. That the US and EU will work towards ″Zero-Tariffs, Zero-Subsidies″ for all non-automotive manufacturing. The EU will start buying more soybeans, liquified natural gas and other products from the United States, The EU will also agree to reforming the World Trade Organization, giving the WTO stronger rules protecting intellectual property and ending other unfair trade practices.




Some analysts are calling this trade deal the most important, and the most successful for the United States in more than a generation. Yesterday′s agreement also promises future discussions to deal with other trade issues, such as automobiles, steel, aluminum, and other production. Currently, the US and EU trade about a Trillion dollars worth of goods each year. This deal will increase that amount. The deal will also strengthen our bargaining positions with China and the NAFTA talks.


When word of the deal broke just after 3pm EDT, the markets reacted favorably. The Dow Jones shot up over 150 points in less than an hour. Many commodities and individual stocks went from negative to positive. The news comes as markets prepare for Friday when reports are expected to predict a GDP growth rate for the USA of nearly 5% or more for this year! A growth rate not seen for over a decade.


Yesterday′s announcement of President Trump winning a new EU trade deal also puts to rest the willy-nilly chatter about fears of a trade war. Some of the concessions made by the European Union reverse bad trade policy made after WW2, when Europe was wrecked and needed to rebuild. The 28 nations which make up the EU have a total population over 500 Million and yet a GDP less than ours. A sign that their protectionist policies have worked against them in the long run. In early June, President Trump made the offer of Zero Tariffs. Now, the day for when we will truly have free and fair trade is much closer thanks to President Donald J. Trump!


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