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Trump Wows CPAC 2018 Crowd

President Donald Trump gave a speech to a record breaking audience at CPAC 2018. The speech was what we call ′Classic Trump′! He even recited ′The Snake′ poem. President Trump gave the crowd plenty of red meat as he reviewed the many accomplishments of his first year in office. He also laid out what he intends to do this year and expressed the need for electing more Republicans to the House and Senate. Especially for resolving the remains of Obamacare and for tackling border security and immigration reform.




While most of the speech was scripted and read from a teleprompter, President Trump did ad-lib frequently. Usually for some comic relief, poking jabs at his many critics, such as the Democrats and the Fake News Media. There were also some serious, somber moments, when President Trump spoke from the heart. He paid homage to the Rev. Billy Graham, who died this week. He also addressed the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. The President seems to be leaning more and more to developing a program for the training and arming of teachers and other school personnel who may have military experience or are just adept at handling firearms.


The economy was also a major topic, citing the growth in GDP, the stock market and in wages of workers. President Trump recited the unemployment statistics, showing rates at all time lows in many categories. The resurgence in our manufacturing and energy sectors was highlighted, as well as corporations returning jobs and capital to American shores. He also mentioned his tough stance on bad trade deals, pulling us out of the TPP and the job-killing Paris Climate Accord.


The President praised our military and of the job they have done in the fight against terrorism. He vowed to make America the strongest nation it can be. He also criticized previous administrations for being weak on negotiating with our enemies. President Trump even called out John Kerry and Barack Obama by name for their flawed deal with Iran over nuclear weapons development. He promised the audience that such positions will not be tolerated by him. All in all it was a great speech and the CPAC 2018 audience loved it!


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