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Truth Of Trump Beats CNN Lies

by Andrew Zarowny, 8/29/2018


This is turning out to be a great week for President Donald J. Trump! The latest polls show that he has weathered yet another major deception offensive by the Fake News Media about impeachment. Lanny Davis, lawyer for Michael Cohen, admitted on CNN that he was mistaken when he claimed that Cohen knew that the President, then candidate, knew about the Trump Tower meeting involving some Russians. Davis even admitted to being the anonymous source for the New York Times and others on the fable. All, except CNN, have issued retractions. Apparently, CNN is committed to believing their own lies despite the truth.



Then we have another victory, the U.S.-Mexico trade agreement this week, which sent stocks soaring again in the markets. The Dow Jones blew past the 26,000 mark again and the NASDAQ hit a new, record high! Consumer confidence is at an 18-year high as the latest Federal Reserve estimates look for a GDP growth rate of 4.6% for this quarter. The job market is strong as the Trump economic boom keeps happily moving forward.


DOJ bad-boy Bruce Ohr testified behind closed doors yesterday to some Congressional committees for 7 hours. The word being leaked is that Ohr′s testimony conflicts with those of Glen Simpson of Fusion GPS and former DOJ lawyer Lisa Page about the Christopher Steele dossier. We can surmise that the DOJ and FBI did indeed hold back vital facts about the dossier when they sought surveillance warrants on Carter Page from the FISA courts. Including the fact that Ohr′s wife, Nellie, was working for Fusion GPS, drawing a nice salary, seeking information to mislead voters into thinking that Candidate Trump was in cahoots with the Russian government.


Meanwhile, ace reporter Sara Carter has broken another bombshell that the FBI informant trying to infiltrate the Trump campaign, Stefan Halper, had direct ties with Russian intelligence officials. Yet another piece of the jigsaw puzzle showing how the Obama administration and the Deep State were trying to incriminate members of the Trump campaign with false accusations. Then we have another bombshell story that Hillary Clinton′s private email server was indeed hacked by the Chinese when she was Secretary of State! Looks like when Candidate Trump joked about asking Russia to find those 30,000 deleted emails, he should have asked China instead!


Yes, at every stage, at every turn, the Trump Train just keeps rolling along, making America great again! His enemies continue to lose ground and credibility. No other politician could ever have weather a storm like this one! They would have folded like an origami figure. President Donald J. Trump has the truth on his side. More than that, he has leadership, rational thinking and faith unmatched by any of the past 4 occupants of the White House. His coattails are long and strong with more candidates he has endorsed winning their elections. History will show that the Trump presidency is heroic as if Homer himself wrote this epic!


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