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Tucker Carlson Talks UFO With Navy Pilot

The sight was described as, ″something from out of this world″! Last night on Fox News, Tucker Carlson chatted with U.S. Navy Commander David Fravor. In 2004 while flying a training mission off the coast of San Diego, Fravor and his wingman were redirected to a ′Real World′ mission. They flew their jets towards an unknown flying object picked up on naval radar. The object was hovering at low altitude above the Pacific Ocean about 100 miles west of the California coastline. They circled the object from above first, then Fravor dove down to get a closer look. When he was about a half a mile away from the object, it suddenly accelerated and climbed to about 20,000 feet, then buzzed 50 miles out of sight within a matter of seconds.




The New York Times broke the story this weekend about how the Department of Defense had allocated some $22 Million dollars to a Defense Intelligence Agency study. The program reviewed UFO sightings made by pilots, both civilian and military. The program was carried out from 2008 through 2012 and was apparently a pet project of former Senator Harry Reid. Some suggest that the DIA UFO program was a boondoggle to enrich a financial supporter of Reid′s. However, there was some rather incredible findings resulting from the study.


Luis Elizondo ran the DIA program known as the ′Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program′. During an interview on CNN, he said the program′s mission was to examine data on encounters with unusual aerial objects and determine if they are a national security threat. Both he and Commander Fravor state that the UFO captured on an F-18 sensor system was a hypersonic vehicle which acted in ways beyond any known technology. The ′G-forces′ resulting from such flight actions would kill any human pilot.


Elizondo stated that the ′aircraft′ had flight characteristics ″not in the inventory of the United States nor any other country.″ Okay, so these UFOs are not being operated by humans. Sort of narrows down the possibilities! Tucker Carlson voiced his opinion that this story is far more interesting than any about Vladimir Putin. You got that right, Tucker! This goes way beyond trying to hack emails or manipulate elections.


More Americans believe that we are being visited by extraterrestrials than those who think they′ll see any money from Social Security when they get old enough. Sightings by pilots are usually the most interesting and verifiable. There is often radar recordings to go along with visual observations. Indeed, the very first UFO sighting over America in the ′Modern Era′ occurred in 1947 by Kenneth Arnold while he was flying his private airplane near Mt. Rainier in Washington State. The term, ′Flying Saucer′ was coined during this encounter.


For many years, pilots were discouraged from telling their stories. Those who did were often ridiculed and dismissed from their jobs. But plenty have seen something, including one of the first American astronauts, Gordon Cooper back when he was a ′jet jockey′ for the U.S. Air Force. Another of the earliest encounters between our military pilots and such craft was the famous UFO ′Flap′ of 1952 over Washington, DC. For nearly 3 months, UFOs were being spotted over our nation′s capitol, with a mass sighting on July 28 of multiple UFOs flying over the heart of the city.


Believe what you want, there is certainly something ′Out There′! It only makes sense that our government keeps an eye on what is going on. So, I am not so dismayed by this news about our Defense Department spending $22 Million on such a program. Frankly, that sounds rather low. I suspect that the DoD and other agencies have spent a great deal more and that there is a ton of data hidden from the public.



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