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Vote For 2017 King Of Fake News

It′s official! There really is a contest where you may cast your vote for the 2017 King of Fake News! President Donald Trump has a page on his campaign website for casting votes. There are three fake news stories to select from, as well as a space for writing in your own choice. Actually, what happens is you rate the three options as to just how fake these stories were. Here are your options...



First up is the ABC News story from Brian Ross about how ′candidate′ Donald Trump ordered Michael Flynn to contact the Russians. Then we have the CNN tidbit about how Donald Trump Jr was offered hacked emails from WikiLeaks before they were made public. Finally we have the one from TIME magazine about how the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office.


All three of these stories were very fake, indeed! Flynn was ordered to contact the Russian government AFTER the election, along with a number of other countries, during the transition period. A rather routine occurrence by any incoming administration. Don Jr was contacted by somebody claiming to know about the hacked emails, but 9 days AFTER WikiLeaks had already made them public. The last story was a real fake news story as the idiot from TIME did not see the bust because somebody was standing in front of it. As Bugs Bunny would say, ″What a maroon!″


This contest is so much fun! And quite necessary, too! Pew Research just published another story about how biased The Media has been against President Trump. Only 5% of the news coverage has been favorable, probably 99% of that came from Fox News. The amount of negative news against President Trump is three times more than that against Barack Obama and double against Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Obama basically skated in his 8 years. Even Fox News coverage was about 51 or 53% favorable.


So what story is the 2017 King of Fake News? Was it one of the three listed? Or do you have another suggestion to write-in? Visit the official President Donald Trump campaign website to cast your votes.


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