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Washington Braces For Bombshells Next Week

CNN reported Friday night that Robert Mueller′s Russia probe has filed criminal charges with courts yesterday and that a suspect may be arrested as soon as Monday. Meanwhile, Monday is also the deadline for Fusion GPS to turn over client lists and bank records to Congress as part of their probe into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 elections. Also on Friday evening, the story broke that the Washington Free Beacon, a Neo-Con news and activist group, had hired Fusion GPS in October of 2015 to dig up dirt on several Republican presidential candidates, including now President Donald J. Trump. Byron York of the Washington Examiner broke this story after an earlier report broke during the week showing that the so-called Trump-Russia dossier compiled by Fusion GPS was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, or DNC. The Free Beacon admitted it hired Fusion GPS, but only for opposition research on Trump′s business dealings and had ended their involvement before former British MI6 officer, Christopher Steele began talking with Russian contacts.




We also saw this past week more stories concerning the Uranium One deal, wherein the Barack Obama administration approved the sale of about 20% of America′s uranium ore deposits to Russia. Bill and Hillary Clinton are directly implicated in this transaction through a series of donations and speaking fee payments. We learned that the FBI informant who was part of an undercover operation which exposed a wide range of felony crimes carried out by Russian operatives wanted to tell his story. A gag order imposed by both Eric Holder, and later Loretta Lynch on the informant was lifted on Thursday.


No names have yet been leaked as to who Mueller filed charges against, but some speculate that it may be Paul Manafort, who served for about 3 months as manager of the Trump campaign. Manafort may have some alleged tax and money laundering issues. The Mueller probe has been coming under heavy criticism of late as there has been no evidence of the Trump campaign or administration of neither colluding with Russia nor obstructing justice. If anything, the firing of former FBI Director James Comey has become even more justified as more and more reports of his incompetence and over-reach have emerged.


Some experts, mostly those on CNN, are giddy with the prospect that whoever Mueller takes into custody on Monday will ′spill the beans′ and lead to unraveling the Trump presidency. But if there is nothing there other than some minor issue like Manafort failing to file some paperwork, or fibbing to investigators, even by accident, I just don′t see it. This is more likely the case of Robert Mueller trying to do something, anything, to save face before the Uranium One deal tarnishes him. Mueller was director of the FBI at the time and must have known about the money laundering, extortion, bribery, racketeering and influence peddling going on. That he did not publicly object to the sale of our uranium to the Russians while they were engaged in numerous criminal activity is pretty hard to ignore.


Now that we know the real culprits behind the Trump-Russia dossier was the DNC and Hillary Clinton, that they were giving money to buy phony intelligence reports from Russia, more or less neutralizes Mueller′s entire probe. Mueller is expected to appear before Congress shortly to answer questions about his probe and the money he has spent. So, the timing of this alleged arrest is rather suspicious.


If Paul Manafort is the subject of these charges filed, it hardly seems a worthwhile.  Such may be felonies, but the alleged tax and money laundering issues are 'white collar' crimes. They certainly didn′t justify a ′no-knock′ search warrant being served in a predawn raid on his home with gun-toting federal agents busting down his door, terrorizing his family at 4am in the morning. In my opinion, Robert Mueller is grabbing for straws, desperate to save his own hide and reputation.


Such may be too little, too late as we learn more about his own failings in the Uranium One deal, not to mention the true source of the whole Russian collusion story being funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Let us not also forget that his buddy, James Comey, has also some potential legal trouble after leaking memos to The Media which by their very nature were classified, government documents. Whatever the case, next week should provide us with much fun and excitement as the news bombs start dropping all across Washington, DC.


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