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Whoopi Goldberg Goes Mad On The View

by Andrew Zarowny, 7/20/2018


Whoopi Goldberg disgraced herself again on ″The View″, throwing a wild, crazy, temper tantrum over Fox News host Jeanine Pirro. On Thursday, Pirro, a former judge and champion of locking up child abusers, was invited as a guest on the ABC morning talk show. She is plugging her new book, ″Liars, Leakers and Liberals″, which went on sale this week. Judge Pirro is a supporter of President Donald J. Trump, making her an enemy target of most of the ladies on ″The View″.





After a rather peaceful first segment, as soon as the commercial break was over, Whoopi Goldberg went on the offensive with a long, anti-Trump diatribe. She then asked Pirro about when the ″Deep State″ began? But Pirro first wanted to address some of the lies and attacks on President Trump made by Goldberg. Whoopi would not have any of that. Showing herself to be yet another celebrity suffering from ″Trump Derangement Syndrome″, Whoopi ordered Judge Jeanine Pirro off the set in a vile, foul-mouthed exhibition of intolerance.


Whoopi did apologize to the audience, but during the commercial break, Whoopi crossed paths with Judge Jeanine Pirro again in the studio hallway. Goldberg got right in Pirro′s face and yelled, ″F-You! F-You!″ and then screamed at Pirro to ″Get the F out of the building!″ Appearing later on both Sean Hannity′s radio and TV shows, Judge Pirro said she has never been spoken to like that in all of her life. Pirro was at one time a co-host on ″The View″ and used to hang out with Whoopi. Obviously, those days are long gone!


This is not the first time Whoopi became unhinged on ″The View″. In fact, she was dropping the ″F-bomb″ earlier this week in response to Mark Zuckerberg′s comments about allowing Holocaust deniers on Facebook. There have been rumors for a while that Whoopi Goldberg may be leaving, or forced off the show. Ratings for ″The View″ have been declining steadily since Barbara Walters retired from being a co-host.


What Whoopi Goldberg did on ″The View″ is just part of a larger, growing phenomenon. In the area around Washington, DC, members of the Trump administration are being harassed at restaurants and movie theaters. Outside the White House, protesters armed with air horns make noise all night long in hopes of disrupting the sleep of President Trump and his family. Across the continent in Los Angeles, California, a coffee shop owned by a Trump supporter is surrounded by protesters who fling feces at the building. Yesterday at the main offices of Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Trump-hating protesters burnt American flags and chanted, ″America was never great! America was never great!″


The Liberal-Left is becoming more extremist, more violent. And their anger really has little to do with President Trump. They simply hate America. They hate Liberty, Capitalism and Justice. If Jeb Bush had won, they would still be protesting. Of course, Bush would have caved in to appease The Mob, but they still would not be satisfied. The Trump haters will never be happy until America is overrun by illegal immigrants and reduced to a Communist dictatorship. That is the sad, unvarnished truth.


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