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Why No FBI Informant In Obama Campaign, Operation Board Games

If you believe former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, the FBI and DOJ had an informant in the Donald Trump campaign to protect now President Trump from Russian agents. This begs the question if the FBI and DOJ had an informant in the 2008 campaign of Barack Obama? If, for no other reason, than to protect Obama from all of the corrupt politicians and businessmen being investigated in Operation Board Games. While you may have heard about Operation Crossfire Hurricane of late, it being the FBI-DOJ probe into Russian election meddling, have you ever heard of Operation Board Games? You probably have, but not by that particular title. So gather around, Children, as I tell you a fascinating story, all of which is true!




In January, 2003, then Illinois State Senator Barack Hussein Obama co-sponsored a bill, as chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee, to expand rural hospitals. Senate Bill 1332 came out of the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board, which Obama was a member of. The Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act, signed into law in June, 2003 by then Governor Rod Blagojevich, reduced the number of members on the Planning Board from 15 to 9, allowing it easier to pass future projects. In July, 2003, Dr. Michel Malek gave a check for $10,000 to Obama, and another check for $25,000 to Blago. In September, Malek gave Obama another check for $500. Others also sent both men checks, in which, in total, Obama received some $20,000. All of these payments came by way of Obama′s old next-door neighbor, Antoin ′Tony′ Rezko.


One of the first projects to be authorized by the newly downsized planning board was to expand the Edward Hospital in Naperville to the tune of some $113 Million dollars. Bear Stearns would arrange its funding by tapping into the Illinois State Teachers Retirement Fund. But then things went awry when the hospital′s CEO, Pamela Davis, was essentially threatened that the expansion would only occur if a particular construction company, Kiferbaum Construction, would be used. The man making the threat was Stuart Levine, a very close associate of Gov. Blago. Davis went to the FBI and blew the whistle, and during the next meeting with Levine, Davis wore a wire.


Thus, Operation Board Games began. The DOJ assigned none other than Patrick Fitzgerald to oversee the investigation. By January, 2009, 26 associates of Rod Blagojevich had been arrested, tried and convicted of a variety of corruption, bribery and other felony charges. Tony Rezko became Convict Number 27 and while Gov. Blago′s phones were being tapped during Operation Board Games, the FBI and DOJ caught how Blago was trying to sell Barack Obama′s U.S. Senate seat. This led to his trial and conviction.


This ′Pay For Play′ scheme involving the hospital expansions would have certainly put Barack Obama on the probe′s radar. Fitzgerald publicly denied that Obama was a target or even a subject. But, I, and others, cannot help but wonder what would have happened had Obama not been elected president? My guess is that Barack Obama would have been Convict Number 29 from Operation Board Games. We may never know the answer. Just as I suspect we would never have known about Operation Crossfire Hurricane had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential election.  Unlike in the Trump-Russia probe, there was ample evidence that many of Obama's inner circle, not the least including his next-door neighbor, was up to no good!  For the full, complete story of Operation Board Games, I strongly recommend that you read the 5-part series of articles by Evelyn Pringle, ″Curtain Time For Barack Obama″.


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