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Worst Of 2018, Paul Ryan

by Andrew Zarowny, 12/26/2018


I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I know I did! Even though none of the hundreds of cable TV channels out there showed my favorite Christmas movie, ″Donavan′s Reef″. So, now we are in that period between Christmas and New Year. That means plenty of year-end reviews. I say let us get the worst of 2018 out of the way, first. Who is the worst person of 2018?




There is no shortage of contenders. Granted, the worst are those who committed heinous, violent crimes, especially those of a despicable nature. Moving past that marker, and seeing how this is primarily a political blog, who is the worst politician of 2018?


Once again, we have plenty to choose from. Virtually countless members of the Democrat Party, along with their allies in the Fake News Media could qualify for the worst of 2018. But, in terms of who has been a major obstacle to President Donald Trump, we can narrow the list down to a handful. Unfortunately, two of the top contenders are members of the Republican Party. Or better yet, both are RINOs. Paul RINO Ryan and Jeff ′The Flake′ Flake come to my mind immediately.


Fortunately, both of these dummies are on the way out, so this may be my last chance to trash them. Paul Ryan may be the more tragic figure of the two. He started out seemingly as a good guy. Someone who talked about smaller government and balancing the federal budget. But, we have not seen much of either, have we? After the 2012 election, Paul Ryan′s future stock began declining, quickly. Even faster once he became Speaker of the House. By 2016, his role as being a ′Never Trumper′ put Paul Ryan completely out of synch with GOP voters.


The lack of any decent legislative action for most of the past two years falls very squarely on Paul Ryan′s shoulders. This includes the House oversight of government agencies weaponized by the Barack Obama administration against the 2016 Trump campaign and, later, President Trump′s administration. On top of that, we have Ryan′s reluctance to anything to secure our southern border with Mexico. Ryan′s biggest ′jerk moment′ may have been his decision not to seek reelection, but not stepping down as Speaker of the House. The country would have been better served had Paul Ryan step aside and allowed new leadership. Especially seeing as how he failed to keep the GOP in control of the House during the 2018 midterm election.


While Jeff Flake is a minor player in the big scheme of things, the fact that he is one of only 51 Republican Senators gives him considerable power. We saw this especially during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. Flake allowed the hearings to go from a clown show to an inquisition. One where Kavanaugh′s high school year book became an issue. Kavanaugh did not deserve what was done to him during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings and Jeff Flake was primarily responsible for that.


Flake′s record in the U.S. Senate is not a very good one. In the last two years, it has gotten even worse. Jeff Flake has been uncooperative on many issues and was also a major obstacle in an attempt to resolve the immigration problems earlier this year. He helped derailed a plan to fully fund border security and fix many immigration issues.


So who would you say was the worst politician of 2018? Good arguments could be made for either Paul Ryan or Jeff Flake. There are many others who could qualify as well. Luckily for us, we won′t have to bother with these two much longer. I doubt if we hear much about them until 2024.


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