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Border Wall Prototypes to Begin Construction

The Customs and Border Protection agency, CBP, have announced plans to begin construction on 8 different border wall prototypes to be completed by September. These will be demonstration models to determine which type, or types, will be best suited for building President Donald Trump′s border wall between the United States and Mexico. President Trump vowed to ″Make America Safe Again″ by improving our border security, as well as by passing and enforcing other laws and reforms. One such prototype includes using the wall as a base for a large solar panel array to produce electricity, which can be sold and help fund the project.




Not everyone is happy about this. Take MSN, the Microsoft Network news resource online. They describe the project this way, ″Construction for prototypes of Trump′s racist border wall are to begin...″. Racist, eh? I′m sure there will be plenty of well funded and organized protests, too, in the coming days and weeks. The wall, of course, is only part of the plan by President Trump to increase our security. Recently the Department of Homeland Security and the CBP awarded $200,000 to a company in San Mateo, CryptoMove, to upgrade the CBP′s Small Unmanned Aircraft System, used to monitor activity along our borders. Another contract of $198,000 was awarded to PetPace LLC to improve real-time monitoring of K-9 dogs used by the CBP.


The Trump administration is also pushing hard to pass ″Kate′s Law″ through Congress. Named after Kate Steinle, a young San Francisco woman murdered in 2015 by a repeat illegal immigrant whom had been deported multiple times, the law will strengthen mandatory sentencing of dangerous felons from abroad. Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has lifted the stays on the new travel restrictions, starting tonight, the six Middle Eastern and African nations listed in the executive order by President Trump will go into effect. Furthermore, new restrictions on electronic devices carried on board overseas airline flights to the United States are being expanded, including some 180 airlines and dozens of more airports.


CNN, home of ′Very Fake News′, has responded to the Supreme Court decision, upholding the President′s powers under the Constitution, by dragging out Sesame Street muppet, Elmo. In a ′panel discussion′, Elmo tells how he visited a refugee camp in Jordan and that the boys and girls there are no different than children here. Did Elmo really go to a refugee camp in Jordan? Considering that Elmo isn′t real in the first place, we have yet another example of CNN lying to the public. Trying to make fake news real is not working out well for CNN. Project Veritas aired a second hidden-camera video yesterday showing CNN commentator, Van Jones, saying that the Russia-Trump collusion story is a ″nothing burger″.


President Donald Trump is committed to Make America Great Again, and part of that includes his plan to Make America Safe Again. This is why 8 different border wall prototypes are set to begin construction shortly, with a completion date in September. Despite organized, well funded protests, and the Fake News Media opposing any improvement on our border security, the Trump administration is going forward. Violent, criminal immigrants and potential terrorists disguised as refugees must be stopped before they do harm to American citizens. But the Far-Left does not care if legal citizens are raped or murdered. They don′t even care when these same illegal immigrants commit crimes against other illegal immigrants.


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