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Brett Kavanaugh Wins Hearing Fight

by Andrew Zarowny, 9/28/2018


Judge Brett Kavanaugh won the day as he faced a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing again. Thursday began with Christine Blasey Ford giving testimony, for what it was worth. Her allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh when he was 17 years old, some 36 years ago, still lacked any credibility. Republican Senators allowed Rachel Mitchell, an experienced prosecutor from Arizona, question Ford. Like a skilled surgeon with a scalpel, Mitchell dissected Ford’s story. More on that later. But it was Brett Kavanaugh who defended himself with vim and vigor, strongly denying all of the phoney allegations and blasting Democrat Party senators for their abuse of the system.




There is no doubt that Brett Kavanaugh, along with his wife and children, were assaulted by Senate Democrats in the most vile and evil ways. Much of the blame falls upon Diane Feinstein (D-CA) for not following established Senate procedures on this whole matter. When she first received Christine Ford′s letter back in late July, it is incumbent of Feinstein to report it to Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA). Then, proper procedures would have been followed to further investigate the allegations confidentially, to not embarrass either Kavanaugh or Ford and their families. Given the flimsiness of Ford′s allegations, and that not one person she mentioned who was present at the time and place of the alleged assault verified Ford′s story, the executive committee would have dismissed the matter.


Instead, Feinstein held the letter and the allegations were made public at the last moment before Kavanaugh′s confirmation vote was to come about. In Ford′s letter, she had requested that her name not become public, but the letter was somehow leaked to the Washington Post, and we can pretty much guess by who. Then, for some two weeks, Senate Democrats forced delays, along with Ford′s legal team, to prevent Kavanaugh from defending himself and the truth being learned. Thanks to Rachel Mitchell, we now know that it was Feinstein′s staff which recommended the principle lawyer for Ford.


Mitchell also exposed other holes in Ford′s story, as well as what had been said by Ford′s attorney′s and by Senate Democrats. Many pundits are saying that Mitchell was ineffective, but I disagree. For starters, she served her purpose as being a friendly, compassionate interrogator to prevent Republican Senators appearing to be brutes on television. Secondly, Mitchell came up with a number of holes in Ford′s story. Not the least of which was the whole matter about Ford being unable to appear before the Senate committee sooner because she doesn′t fly. Turns out that not only does Ford fly a lot, but during the past few weeks, she was in Delaware, a short car ride away, not in California.


Mitchell also exposed issues about Ford′s legal team. They apparently did not inform their client that she could have given her testimony in private, as she would have preferred to do. Ford stated before the committee that she never wanted to appear in public on this matter. I would suggest that the American Bar Association, or some other legal advocacy group, take up the sword and determine in a court hearing if Ford′s lawyers committed any legal malpractice in their representation of their client. Such might also lead to discovering if any one was paying them for counseling Ford, after her lawyers told the Committee in open session that they were working pro-bono.


Ford came off looking like a confused mess. Between her manner of speech and her disheveled appearance, Ford looked like she had been assaulted just before entering the Senate hearing room. Nobody had a brush for her hair? Some say that this was done on purpose by her legal team to make her look the part of the helpless victim. I contend that it only made her look less credible and, if anything, a victim of abuse by Senate Democrats and their political machinations.


Brett Kavanaugh, on the other hand, came out of the gate swinging. He was all ″Fire and Fury″, naturally upset at how his good name has been besmirched. Kavanaugh blasted Senate Democrats for causing the hearing delays, further damaging his reputation, and for the many untruths they have been saying since he was first nominated. He also blamed the Senate Democrats for that threats which have been made against his wife and children! Was he upset? Mad? HELL YES!!! And with good reason, too! The Democrats have perverted the entire ′advice and consent′ process, and, as Kavanaugh himself put it, turned it into ″search and destroy″.


I also have to commend Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). I′ve been writing about politics for some 25 years and in the last 10 or so, have been especially hard on Senator Graham. Well, yesterday he made me a fan, at least temporarily. Senator Lindsey Graham read his fellow Senators on the other side of the table the riot act! He accused them of making these hearings the worst in history, dragging American politics to a new low. Sen. Graham also warned his fellow Republican senators to not fall into the trap sprung by Democrats and to support Judge Kavanaugh. The Senate Judiciary Committee will be voting today around 1:30pm EDT on whether or not to forward Kavanaugh′s nomination to the Senate for a confirmation vote on Tuesday. Both votes are now expected to go through and Brett Kavanaugh will shortly be on the Supreme Court.


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