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Budget Passes, Money For Drugs, Sex Of Quails

Early this morning, both wings of Congress passed a federal budget which will fund the government through till March of 2019. The battle went past the midnight deadline thanks to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who went on a long rant fest on wasteful spending. Last evening, just around 7pm EDT, I was chatting on the phone with a lady friend of mine when Sen. Paul caught my attention. Behind him on a poster stand was a big picture of a bird nest covered in white powder under the title, ″$356,933,140 for Studying The Cocaine and Bad Sex Habits of Quails″. At first, I thought that this must be a typo. I can almost see some idiotic science program for $350,000 to study the cocaine and bad sex habits of quails. Heck, we spent about $500,000 to put jumbo shrimp on a treadmill to study their respiration.




Whether this was a typo or not, it doesn′t really matter. Spending one penny on this sort of nonsense is ridiculous. We′re hearing Democrats and Fake News TV hosts complaining about how President Donald Trump wants to spend some $22 Million to have a nice military parade in Washington, DC on the 4th of July. I can understand that expense far more than spending $350 Million dollars to study the cocaine and bad sex habits of quails! Even $350,000, for that matter!


For hours, Sen. Rand Paul went through what must be a short list of such foolery. Funding projects like this might make some egghead college professor happy so he or she can live the good life without having to produce any real-world results. But, it certainly does nothing for the American people. When I mentioned this silliness to my lady friend, she immediately quipped that, ″Andy, we missed our calling. We should have gotten into this racket!″


No doubt about it! I would love to get a paycheck for $350 Million dollars to study the cocaine and bad sex habits of quail. I’d even settle for a check for a measly $350,000 for such employment! And we wonder why our nation is some $20 Trillion dollars in debt? It′s crap like this which starts to add up into some serious cash, even by the standards of Washington, DC!


But, what the hell. The budget is passed so we do not have to worry about a government shutdown now for the next 13 months. The ′Debt Ceiling′ will be ignored as an extra $300 Billion goes for new spending, about half to our military. Barack Obama depleted our armed forces to the point where half of our combat aircraft cannot fly due to a lack of spare parts. We have fewer operational warships now than we had back in the 1920s. Training crews, troops and officers is way behind, resulted in many accidents and even deaths. And some idiot, lazy science professor will now get to probe the mysteries of the cocaine and bad sex habits of quail. America, love it or leave it!


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