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College Snowflakes React To Trump SOTU Speech Before Given

I just love the group! They do great work in exposing much of the nonsense on today′s college campuses. Their latest video is a ′Snowflake-on-the-Street′ interviews with student at New York University, a.k.a. NYU. The subject was to get reactions from tomorrow′s leaders about the State of the Union address from President Donald Trump. Hmm, but wait! He didn′t give it yet! But the darling snowflakes didn′t know. They acted like they watched it the night before! Nice to see that all of that tuition money, upwards of $60,000 per year, isn′t being wasted! LOL!!!




Naturally, all of these brainwashed dolts hated the alleged SOTU speech. Especially when prompted to respond to the part where President Trump led the Republicans in Congress in a chant of, ″BUILD THAT WALL! BUILD THAT WALL!″ I tell ya, these kids are total idiots! I shutter to think America′s future in their moronic hands. Of course, they all answered that they were disgusted when the President started the chanting. They sure paid attention while watching the SOTU speech last week.


If their stupid parents are footing the $60,000 a year to send their little darlings to NYU, fine! Their parents deserve to be cheated out of their money. However, I suspect that most are getting some student loan cash, backed up by us taxpayers. Or scholarships that still cost us either from federal grants or from funding whatever corporate money flowing into NYU. An extra $50 from your utility bill or next consumer purchase might go towards educating these fools. When they cannot get a job because they are too stupid or earned a degree in Non-White Literature, they′ll default on the loans and us taxpayers will have to bail them out.


So there it is boys and girls! Our future will be in the hands of idiots! How long are we going to put up with substandard education from these so-called Ivy League schools? Check this story out. Michigan State University, which is embroiled in the Nassar-gymnist sex scandal, is going to offer a course on how evil the White race is. Students will be brainwashed on how Whites are ruining the planet.


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