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Democrats Play Politics With DACA

President Donald Trump doesn′t believe that the elected politicians of the Democratic Party are being honest about wanting to pass a DACA bill. That they are playing politics for their own political gain. President Trump believes that a DACA bill could be passed this week as he is prepared to make some compromises in order to get funding for The Wall and fix other immigration issues. He also wants to tackle other legislation, such as a budget bill. The current ′continuing spending′ bill expires on Friday, threatening a government shutdown and halting payment to our military.




Last week, some initial progress on Tuesday came to a crashing halt on Thursday when a group of six senators tried to sneak a DACA bill which gave the President nothing on his end. No funding for border security, no fix to chain migration or the visa lottery. No shifting our immigration policy towards one being based on merit. Instead, the ′Gang of 6′ tried to fool President Trump with a DACA bill which actually expanded chain migration and the visa lottery programs, and put off discussing The Wall and border security till a later date.


When President Trump rejected this scam DACA bill, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) had one of his staff spread a lie about how the President used some colorful language about Haiti and some other countries, allegedly calling them shit-holes. The Fake News Media swallowed the lie, hook-line-and-sinker, resulting in non-stop talk and stories about how the President must be a racist. On Friday, at the end of a White House signing ceremony for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, at least one reporter shouted out the question, ″Mr. President, are you a racist?″.


Dick Durbin and other Democrats have introduced racism into the DACA and immigration debate, as they often do on practically any subject. On Friday, Durbin said that the term, ″chain migration″ is racist, and prefers using the phrase, ′family reunification′. This is a fallacy which goes to the heart of the matter.


Before the Welfare State, immigrants would work hard upon arriving in America and save their money to bring over family members. The government and the American taxpayer paid nothing. This was the core of the American Dream. A land of opportunity where hard work paid off in freedom, in liberty. But today, thanks to programs established by Democrats over the decades, immigration has become a one-way ticket to the welfare rolls. Free housing, food, education and medical care. Despite the rhetoric, immigration under our current system offers no real benefit to our economy. In fact, it has devolved into a massive drain.


If ′family reunification′ was such an important issue with those immigrating here, why bother coming in the first place? If you feel so compelled to be with your loved ones, why not just stay where you are? Thanks to Democratic Party programs, immigrants are drawn here not for opportunities but for welfare handouts. The whole ′anchor baby′ scheme has become a major industry for some to take advantage of our legal shortcomings. DACA is just the latest version of this scam. Barack Obama openly encouraged people to send their children to America just so the parents and other family members could get their feet in the door.


President Donald Trump wants a complete overhaul of our immigration systems, shifting priorities to being merit-based. There are many economic sectors suffering from labor shortages, which a rational, merit-based immigration policy could improve. Instead, most of those coming here are illiterate, even in their native languages. Domestic resources already stretched thin to help legal citizens are now redirected to help many who came here illegally. President Trump is correct when he says that the Democrats are not honest about wanting to fix DACA or immigration. The problems were created by Liberals for political gain, not to actually help anyone from shit-hole countries.


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