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FBI Finds Nothing On Kavanaugh Allegations

by Andrew Zarowny, 10/4/2018


The FBI has turned over the results of their supplementary background check on Brett Kavanaugh. The word from the White House is that they found no corroborating evidence to support the allegations of sexual assault made against Kavanaugh. At least six people were known to have been interviewed, including the alleged witnesses to the Christine Blasey Ford accusation, as well as Deborah Ramirez, herself. Neither Ford nor Kavanaugh were questioned by the FBI. There apparently was no need to ask them anything. Senators will be allowed to read the FBI 302 reports starting this morning at 8am, EDT, ay a secure location. No recording devices will be allowed.




Had Senator Diane Feinstein done what she was obligated to do under Senate rules, this whole farce could have been avoided. About 8 weeks ago, when she received Ford′s letter about the allegation, Feinstein should have presented it to Grassley and to the rest of the Judiciary Committee in a closed door session. Then, they would have had the FBI interview those mentioned or involved in private, keeping the whole matter confidential. Only after that would the Committee decide if the allegations merit a public hearing.


Obviously, they did not! There has not been any physical evidence, nor even corroborating witness testimony to support the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh. The FBI probably would have went even deeper into the background of Christine Ford. Her story was full of holes, gaps, and inconsistencies from the start and only became even more vague as time went on. Even the year of the alleged assault is unknown. Ford started out saying it was in the mid 1980s, then the late 1980s, then back to mid, then early 1980s, then 1982, and now she is still uncertain.


The only thing we do know is that a couple of years ago, when the Ford family remodeled their home, Christine insisted to her husband that they have two front doors. She wanted two so that if Brett Kavanaugh showed up at Front Door #1, she could run out Front Door #2. Does that sound like a sane, credible concern? How about just having a security camera and not opening a single front door? Sorry, but this woman is a LOON! She is a very confused mess, whose politics have driven her even more insane than she had been before President Donald Trump was elected.


We are now also learning that in addition to Ford, herself, scrubbing her social media accounts, she probably had help from her pals at Google scrubbing everything about her on the Internet! Including her part of an article about how to use hypnosis to create false memories. Hmm! Sounds like she had been experimenting on herself.


Meanwhile, this whole matter has further divided the nation and has exposed the Kavanaugh family to unwanted threats and unwarranted ridicule. Thanks to Diane Feinstein playing politics, this matter became public when it should never had been. Even Christine Blasey Ford did not want it to become public. More facts about her background will undoubtedly come out as time goes on. This, while more anti-male diatribes are unleashed from so-called experts on women′s issues. We even now have some saying that a man asking a woman for her phone number constitutes as an act of rape. Just how far will this lunacy go?


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