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FBI Used Dirty Dossier For FISA Warrant investigative reporter Sara Carter claims that she now has at least 3 sources whom confirm that the Fusion GPS dirty dossier was the basis for the FBI and DOJ to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. That it opened the door to a counter-intelligence investigation which probably included other government agencies, such as the CIA and NSA. The investigation continued right through the latter weeks of the 2016 election and into the transition team period after. The FISA warrant allowed members of the Trump team to be under surveillance, including by electronic means, such as wiretapping.




Ever since Buzzfeed first published the dirty dossier one year and one day ago, I have suspected that it was part of some dirty trick program against President Donald Trump. In recent months, we have learned quite a bit about this operation which appears to involve much of the Barack Obama administration. Obama, himself, apparently was aware of this operation at least back in October of 2016, if not earlier. At the time, he and others concealed much of what was going on as they were all certain that Hillary Clinton would win the election. Obama and the rest did not want to muddy the waters had that outcome taken place. But, it didn′t!


So, for a year or more, America has been living under the cloud of a political conspiracy far beyond the botched burglary at the Watergate Hotel in 1972. That affair merely involved a few goofs working for Nixon′s reelection committee. But, in this case, we have not only a few goofs from Fusion GPS working for Hillary Clinton, but a substantial amount of resources of the United States government, as well! From the FBI and DOJ investigations to NSA intercepts of Russian communications. Some of those involved in the Trump campaign and transition team were being wiretapped and, in the cases for Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions, their names were unmasked from NSA intercepts from the Russian ambassador to the U.S..


Sara Carter appeared on Fox News last night with Sean Hannity and promised more details in coming days. She hinted that the scope of our government′s involvement in spying on a political opponent is much bigger than previously believed. Indeed, if the Fusion GPS dirty dossier compiled by Christopher Steele was the basis for the entire Trump-Russia probe, then this puts the Robert Mueller probe in jeopardy. Possibly even to the point of dropping charges already filed as they were based on erroneous sources.


This also justifies the general motives and activities of many current and former officials at our government institutions such as the FBI, DOJ, CIA, DIA and NSA, to name a few. The infamous text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok and Lisa Page already cast a dark shadow on their activities between 2015 and 2017. So too for James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr and even Rod Rosentein and a host of others. It is a real shame that Barack Obama had to corrupt and weaponize so much of our government just to help Hillary Clinton try to beat Donald Trump. Even more now that our nation has lived under the cloud of these lies and abuses of power as Obama and The Deep State try to sabotage the Trump presidency.


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