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Hillary 2020

by Andrew Zarowny, 7/9/2018


Looks like Hillary Clinton is gearing up for a third run for the White House in 2020. A Hillary PAC is busy raising money for her. Maybe Chelsea just needs some new furniture? Who knows? But I would say that there is not a snowball′s chance in Hell of Hillary Clinton ever getting elected president. I doubt if she would even win the popular vote this next time around. Even winning the DNC primary might be difficult, unless she rents it and rigs it again. President Donald J. Trump is steadily gaining popularity in the polls, especially with demographic groups normally in the pockets of Democrats.





The economy is doing very well. The latest jobs report for June was excellent! Not only are unemployment levels for Blacks and Hispanics at all-time, record lows, women are also doing far better than they have in a generation or two. A recent poll shows that President Trump has gained some 10 points with Hispanics, mostly for economic reasons. They are now they fastest growing demographic for starting new, small businesses. Other polls show both Black men and young Millennial men are now increasing their approval towards President Trump as their job markets and wages improve.


If these factors hold steady, or continue to improve for President Trump, any Democratic Party presidential candidate could come up 5% to 15% short in the popular vote, and other Blue States like Minnesota could be won by President Trump in 2020. If Hillary Clinton were the candidate, the end results could be even much worse! She represents all of the ills and problems facing Establishment, career politicians. The lies, the graft, the elitism.


Hillary running would be perfect for President Trump′s reelection chances. Right now they are excellent as the Democrats really have nobody beyond maybe Bernie Sanders to raise any enthusiasm. He′s not even officially a Democrat! Bernie plays well to the extreme Socialist base of the Democratic Party, which these days makes up about half of the party. Certainly the loudest and most active half. Which is making the other half annoyed and irritated. That half is trying to figure out how to recover the former Barack Obama voters who switched or stayed home in 2016.


Just blaming Russians isn′t cutting it. Hillary Clinton is rapidly becoming one of Ross Perot′s, ″Crazy Aunt in the Attic″! Her never ending conspiracy-excuse tour has Hillary diving deeper off the edge of sanity. Given her health issues in 2016, it is hard to believe that she would put herself through another election cycle. Especially since President Trump is now popular enough to beat her soundly. But, if Hillary Clinton is so driven to humiliate herself one more time, I say, ″Bring it on!″, and ″Thanks for all the fish!″


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