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Hillary Clinton, DNC Funded Russian Trump Dossier

Hillary Clinton may call it ″baloney″, but the Washington Post is reporting that she and the DNC may have funded the fake news Trump dossier allegedly created by Russians. The story, according to the Post, says that both the Clinton campaign and the DNC hired a lawyer, Marc E. Elias of the firm Perkins Coie, to contract Fusion GPS to dig up opposition research on then candidate Donald Trump. Earlier reports from various sources have alleged that Fusion GPS had been hired during the GOP primary by a donor for Jeb Bush. However, the Washington Post story claims that it was AFTER the Clinton campaign and the DNC contracted Fusion GPS that they then enlisted former British MI5 officer Christopher Steele. The infamous Trump-Russia dossier was allegedly obtained by Steele from contacts he had within the Russian intelligence community.




As we know, the dossier, was has been debunked as fake news, was turned over to American intelligence officials. Senator John McCain sent one of his aides to England to obtain a copy, which eventually found its way to James Comey and the FBI. The dossier is at the heart of the entire Trump-Russia collusion story. It may have triggered the Obama administration to unmask and leak names of Trump associates and was the key ′evidence′ for the FBI and DOJ to obtain search warrants used for wire tapping Trump campaign workers. The Clinton campaign and DNC funded the Fusion GPS project through October 2016, according to the Washington Post, after which the FBI considered continuing financial support.


Tom Perez, current chairman of the Democratic National Committee, claims that the DNC is not currently funding Fusion GPS. Of course, Perez took over after Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was forced to resign when it was learned that she allowed the DNC to undermine the Bernie Sanders campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton. Wsserman-Schultz was then replaced by Donna Brasile, whom we know leaked debate questions from CNN to Hillary′s campaign.


Congress has been attempting to obtain bank statements for Fusion GPS as part of their ongoing probe into Russia meddling with the 2016 election. The impact of this story from the Washington Post is that the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign may have been funding that very meddling to the tune of over $9 Million dollars through Fusion GPS. This story follows another from The Hill exposing how the FBI knew that Russians were engaged in bribery, extortion and money laundering schemes to obtain favors by the Barack Obama administration, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and others to seize control of American uranium ore assets. That then FBI Director Robert Mueller had in fact briefed the Obama White House on the case. Known as the Uranium One Deal, the sale of uranium ore went through despite the knowledge of criminal activity.


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