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Identity Politics Defeated By Trump Jobs

by Andrew Zarowny, 8/7/2018


Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) spoke at this past weekend′s NetRoots gathering in New Orleans. She tried to argue that those who use the term Identity Politics are racists and dividers. Conservatives have often called the brand of divisive politics used by the Democratic Party as Identity Politics. The practice of playing one group of people, usually a minority, against another, usually a majority or power group. Blacks or Hispanics against Whites, Unions against Management, Poor and Middle Class against the Rich, etc. Its an old tactic of Democrats, Liberals and other Progressive types to attack their political opponents by charging them with precisely what they themselves do.




After all, historically, it was the Democratic Party which supported slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, and even started hate groups like the Klu Klux Klan. Even their abuse of the Civil Rights Movement was more of an act of modern slavery than actual liberation. For decades, Blacks and other groups, be they racial, ethnic, or economic in nature, vote in blocks for Democratic Party candidates, often induced by very strict practices. Instead of giving such voters a taste of the lash, the Democrats buy them a cheap box lunch and drive voters to the polls in a bus.


President Donald Trump is changing all of this. During his 2016 candidacy, he challenged Blacks, Hispanics and other such traditional Democratic voter blocks to give him a chance. ″What have you got to lose?″ A good point, since despite trillions of dollars spent on urban development, public education, and other welfare-feel-good programs, nothing had really changed. In fact, after 8 years of Barack Obama, conditions had reverted back to pre-War-On-Poverty levels. Unemployment, poverty levels, etc, had all increased, wiping out any gains that may have occurred since the mid 1960s.


The latest June 2018 Jobs Report shows a totally different picture. More Americans are now working than ever before. Unemployment for nearly every demographic, be it racial, gender or economic, is at historic lows. Even for those with only, or without, a high school diploma! Unemployment for women is not quite at a historic, all-time low, but is at such a low level unseen in some 65 years. In just 17 months in office, one out of four jobs created during the 21st Century have happened under his administration. An astounding achievement! President Trump has smashed Identity Politics with Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!


Some new polling data is showing the results. President Trump′s job approval numbers among Hispanic voters has increased some 10-points to about 40%. A number rarely seen for any Republican President. Even more rare are his job approval numbers from Black voters. Over the past year, it has nearly doubled from 15% to 29%! If this trend continues, or even remains static till November 2020, it will be very, very bad news for any Democratic Party challenger to President Donald Trump. After many years of the nation being divided, by Identity Politics, so narrowly that just a percentage point here and there can swing a state, President Trump appears to have a good chance at pulling off a major landslide, even in the popular vote.


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