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Jeff Flakes Retires, Flakes Out

Senator Jeff Flakes of Arizona announced yesterday that he will not seek reelection in 2018. No kidding! He is down by some 26-points against challenger Kelli Ward and has a disapproval rating over 60% by voters. Only about 18% of Arizona voters still support this dumb ass. One of them is John McCain, another dumb ass senator from Arizona. While McCain, Flake and Senator John Corker accuse President Trump of being a liar and against the Republican Party, McCain has lied to voters himself by not following through on a campaign promise last year to repeal and replace Obamacare. Health insurance premiums more than doubled in Arizona due to the so-called, Affordable Care Act.




Naturally, the Fake News Media is making a big deal out of Flake′s announcement. They cite that this is another sign of a civil war within the GOP due to President Donald Trump. However, ′The Truth′ is that this ′war′ within the GOP began long ago. Some might say since another senator from Arizona, Barry Goldwater, tried running for president in 1964. Goldwater and his Conservative followers battled the GOP Establishment, dominated by Northeastern elitists. The elitists abandoned Goldwater and worked to keep Lyndon Johnson in the White House.


Years later, the same bunch worked against Ronald Reagan, who was a Goldwater supporter. Even big-named Republican ′intellectuals′ like George Will opposed Reagan in the 1980 GOP primaries, favoring George H. W. Bush instead. The Bush family has been the heirs of the ′Rockefeller Wing′ of the GOP Elites. Their latest candidate, Jeb Bush, was considered a shoe-in as the 2016 nominee. That is, until Donald Trump decided to run for president.


Trump beat Bush and 15 other GOP candidates, many of whom were considered to be the cream of the crop for the Republican Party. The Media laughed at Trump, and few pundits gave him any chance of victory. Even after Trump won the nomination, many from within the GOP Establishment still actively worked against him. Together with The Media, the Democrats, and Washington Insiders, Trump′s chances looked bad, if you believed their take on the pulse of the American voters. About a year ago, just two weeks before the November 8 vote, Hillary Clinton was given a 93% chance of winning the White House. The polls of the Fake News Media showed her winning in a landslide.


But, that did not happen, did it? Instead, Trump busted the ′Blue Wall′, winning states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The first time a Republican won these states in 28 years. Even after winning, the so-called ′Never-Trumpers′ continued to plot and hatch crazy plans for stopping Trump from being president. After he took the oath of office, they still opposed Trump. None of these players, The Media, GOP Establishment, Democrats, or Washington Insiders, as well as the mysterious ′Deep State′ bureaucrats, have given up on derailing the Trump presidency.


Yet, Donald Trump continues to push forward. Still, he is not the source of the rebellion, just its figurehead. The Rebellion took shape in its most recent form in 2010 as the Tea Party Revolt. Many Establishment Republicans have tried to hijack the Tea Party, but most have failed. Jeff Flake is one who initially succeeded, getting elected to the Senate in 2012. Flake has been a disappointment. He did little to change Washington politics. He did little to help citizens of America, or even those in Arizona. His refusal to support President Donald Trump is the last straw. Arizona voters have already decided to replace him. While he may still have gotten money and support from Establishment types, we have seen how neither guarantee victory anymore.


Jeff Flake is bailing out. His ship is sinking and he has no choice but to end his political career. Make no mistake, he is finished! Stick a fork in him! Flake is irrelevant. Who cares what he says or thinks? His speech yesterday was nothing more than that of a spoiled, rotten child whining about how somebody took away his toy and broke it. ′The Truth′ is that Jeff Flake is a Fake and has been exposed as such to all by the power of Trump Fu.


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