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Justice Kavanaugh Sworn In

by Andrew Zarowny, 10/9/2018


Justice Brett Kavanaugh was publicly sworn in during a ceremony last evening in the White House East Room. The event was historic as it was the first time a former associate justice, Anthony Kennedy, administered the oath of office to one of his own former law clerks. Kavanaugh had been sworn in Saturday evening shortly after the U.S. Senate confirmed his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. Last night, President Donald J. Trump began the ceremony by apologizing, ″on behalf of the nation″ to Brett Kavanaugh and his family, for the ″pain and suffering″ they were ″forced to endure″. After he was sworn in, Associate Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh spoke briefly, thanking many, including his friends, for standing by him, and promising to serve the entire nation.


Now, with just 28 days to go until the 2018 midterm elections, many wonder how the contentious nomination will impact the upcoming vote. Which base of voters will be more driven to go to the polls and support their political party? We have heard much talk about a coming ″Blue Wave″, with Democrats retaking the House of Representatives and possibly even the Senate. Some pundits predict a ″Red Wave″ as Republicans are galvanized to prevent the loss of the Senate, and maybe even the House.


Some of the more recent polling data shows that Americans, especially Independent voters, were very put off by the ferocity of the Democrats and their allies in opposing Kavanaugh. Generally more than 50%, and in some polls as high as 70%, believe that the opposition to Kavanaugh was excessive and unfair. Many feel that the Democrats overplayed their hand or were turned off, if not disturbed, by the protests. Indeed, the rhetoric by the Far Left bordered on insanity.


Even some on the Left were disturbed. One group posed as Feminists submitting an article about gender traitors and conflict, using passages from Adolph Hitler′s ″Mein Kampf″ altering Anti-Semitic wording with Anti-Male. The publishers accepted the article, not knowing how they had been played. Other well known Feminist writers also went on the attack, further promoting the notion that Kavanaugh′s confirmation, as well as President Trump′s election, is to be blamed on White Women, who traded their Womanhood in exchange to be dominated by wealthy, White Men.


Entertainer John Maher paused one of his musical performances to deliver a speech about ″masculine toxicity″ and the need for a new ″Male Contract″ to define what sort of behavior is acceptable. He, with others, want to end the reign of the Alpha Male, once and for all! On the flip side, many women are wondering just how far our society needs to go in condemning men? Some are worried for their sons, husbands and other male relations on how they could survive being accused of unprovable allegations?


This is an important point, as we have seen in the Kavanaugh case there is not a single scrap of physical evidence, nor even one witness corroboration of any of the alleged accusations. Since 1993, Brett Kavanaugh has been the subject of now 7 FBI background checks. About 150 people have been interviewed who knew him at some point during his life. In all of these checks and interviews, there has never been anything pointing towards any serious allegations, especially those of a sexual nature. Even Kavanaugh′s own meticulously kept calendar from 1982 shows that the worst you say is that he and his friends attempted to drink 100 cases of beer that summer. Perhaps a hollow pursuit but hardly a reason to offset all of his good deeds over a lifetime.


Meanwhile, President Donald Trump continues his winning ways. This past week was a pretty good one for him! Not only did the Kavanaugh nomination succeed, but we have the new trade deal with Canada, too! The latest jobs report for September shows the National Unemployment Average decline to 3.7%, the lowest since 1969! The Dow Jones set more record highs, now some 105 since President Trump′s election. Wages are up, confidence is up and one study shows more people than ever believe the concept of American Exceptionalism. The Democrats have very little to justify supporting them whereas the Republicans have a bushel load of reasons, thanks to President Donald J. Trump!


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