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Kevin Williamson Hung By His Own Words

You are about to enter a world between shadow and light, dreams and nightmares. At the sign post up ahead, you are now entering, ″The Covfefe Zone″! Meet Kevin Williamson, once a popular writer and editor for ″The National Review″. A magazine which was often thought of as the gold standard for Conservative political thought. But, in 2016, nearly the entire staff opposed Candidate Donald J. Trump, with Kevin Williamson being among his harshest critics. Williamson has referred to Trump as a modern day Hitler and was rather unkind to Trump voters. Especially those from the ′Rust Belt′, advising them to learn to write code, rent a U-Haul and move someplace else where there were jobs.




Kevin took his own advice. He left ″The National Review″ and his alleged salary of some $250,000 per year and headed to ″The Atlantic″. No idea how much they were going to pay him, but he would be free to attack President Trump and anyone who supported him. For his first article, he burned his bridges, attacking ″The National Review″, especially Victor Davis Hanson, the chief national security writer who supported President Trump during the election. Hanson, a classical scholar of history, is somewhat brighter than his fellows at ″NR″, and considerably brighter than Kevin Williamson!


While the Far Left started cheering that they had a convert from the ′Dark Side′, they soon discovered that Kevin Williamson had a dark side, himself. During the 2016 elections, Williamson was critical of Candidate Trump′s response about how women who had abortions should be subject to some consequence. Turns out that Williamson′s criticism was that Candidate Trump was too lenient! During a Twitter exchange, Williamson seems to believe that life in prison is not sufficient a consequence, preferring instead to see such women hung by the neck!


While the Far Left at ″The Atlantic″ could forgive much for a ′Cuckservative′ who broke ranks to join them, the idea of hanging women who had abortions was a tad too much! So, after one measly article, ″The Atlantic″ fired Kevin Williamson. One might say that he is now a man without a corporation, or maybe without an ideology. He certainly is now without a job! Maybe he′ll learn to write code, rent a U-Haul and head for someplace where there are jobs to be found? I suppose ″The National Review″ may forgive him and take him back. Even while they are warming up to President Trump these days, they are still a dying publication. Dana PeRINO seems to be about the only person who still reads them regularly.


The lesson here is be careful when you tickle the Dragon of Fate. Sometimes the Dragon will burn or eat you once aroused. In this case, the Dragon is named Covfefe and protects those who love and support our President, Donald J. Trump. I shed no tears for Kevin Williamson being fired from ″The Atlantic″. I never liked him in the first place and after he went ′Never-Trump′, had even less use for him. Just desserts for those who desert.


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