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Liberals Call To Disband ICE

by Andrew Zarowny, 7/3/2018


Members of the Democratic Party are going well beyond being ordinary Liberals as they call to disband ICE. The Immigration Criminal Enforcement agency was created in 2002 after the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Their primary mission Is to track down and arrest non-citizens who are engaging in illegal activity. Not just illegally crossing the border, but those who are breaking additional laws, ranging from drunk driving to drug smuggling, human trafficking, rape and murder. ICE came under fire by Democrats after the mayor of Oakland, California tipped off locals on upcoming raids. California′s state government also passed laws to prevent local law enforcement from cooperating with ICE.




Following the issue about separating immigrant children from unverified adults by the Customs Border Protection, CBP, force, Liberals have gone on the warpath over every aspect of our immigration laws and policies. Mind you, nearly all of these laws, and the policies that grew out from those laws, have been around for decades. Most go back to 1994 or much earlier.


Organized protests this past weekend, many of which were violent, featured some key figures in the Democratic Party. Their calls for open borders and amnesty for all illegal aliens have been expanded to wanting ICE disbanded. But, while the Democratic Party grows more radical, and violent, supported by their allies in The Media, are they politically slitting their own throats?


Most public polling shows that barely 15% of the country supports these more extremist views. A large portion of that is from younger, Millennials, who have a very spotty voting record. Most Americans want secure borders. They are not anti-immigrant, nor are they racists, as The Media tries to portray them. A substantial portion of Independent voters support improving border security, including better physical barriers. At best, only about a third of all voters oppose such actions.


This does not bode well for the Democratic Party as the November midterm elections draw nearer. As more candidates shift further Left, even advocating violence and harassment of Trump administration officials, whatever hopes the Democrats had for a Blue Wave have evaporated. Immigration issues, like DACA, might actually bring about a Red Tide, with Republicans gaining seats in both the House and the Senate.


The logic in calling for disbanding ICE is nonexistent. There is no rational reason for it. Like most of these issues concerning immigration and border security, Liberals face a major problem, a lack of Common Sense. The simple argument is extrapolating open borders and such to your own household and community. Would you agree to unlock the doors of your house and allow anyone to in to live with you for free? To raid your fridge? To take over your bedroom?


No rational person would. Nor would any rational person advocate disbanding local police forces or telling them not to arrest people committing crimes. But, in places like California, Oregon, etc, there are signs that the Far Left is starting to push for just that! Sanctuary Cities and States are already allowing thousands of criminals to roam the streets free. Some radical, Left Wing groups now think that all police are bad. This started during the Obama years after the incident in Ferguson, Missouri. It laid the groundwork for what we are starting to see more frequently now.


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