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Little Adam Schiff Big Liar

President Donald Trump has tagged ″Little Adam Schiff″ as one of the biggest liars around. No kidding! This Democrat Congressman from California rarely speaks the truth. Practically every time he opens his mouth, or takes to Twitter, Schiff either outright lies or is incorrect. Last week, during the whole ′Memo-Gate′ thing, Schiff claimed that the Russia probe began when former Trump campaign volunteer coffee-boy, George Papadopoulos had spoken to the Russians about Hillary Clinton′s emails. Actually, Papadopoulos had been speaking with an Australian in a London pub about it while drunk. Now there′s a good excuse to put the whole country through a potential Constitutional crisis!




Schiff tried his best to belittle the 4-page, FBI, FISA abuse memo released by the House Intelligence Committee. Little Adam claimed that it′s release would endanger national security, revealing classified ′sources and methods′. Schiff, however, allegedly is always very eager to leak classified material himself, often texting his pals in The Media during bathroom breaks from committee hearings. So says committee chairman, Devin Nunes, during a recent TV interview, stating that he has knowledge of some 100 leaks from intelligence hearings.


Last night, the committee voted unanimously to release the 10-page Democrat memo, which is a response to the 4-page FISA memo. The release was rejected last week as Nunes felt that this memo should undergo the same scrutiny as his memo, also to allow all members of the House to have a chance to read it first. The Democrat memo will now be reviewed by the White House, which may redact some classified material which actually does reveal ′sources and methods′.


Meanwhile, Senator Charles Grassley has released a Senate memo, backing up the one by Nunes and Trey Gowdy. We also have learned yesterday that the former British MI6 officer, Christopher Steele, had a second, anti-Trump dossier. This 4-page dossier originated from a Hillary Clinton associate and was shopped around to the State Department before winding up in Steele′s paws. The information from it was included in his 32-page dossier, derived mostly from some Russians which Steele knew and paid for their information.


So, it is becoming much clearer that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee not only paid for the longer Steele dossier, but also got the ball rolling with a shorter, 4-page dossier. None of this was properly explained to the FISA court judge by the FBI or DOJ when they requested a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page, another part-time, volunteer of the Trump campaign. The Steele dossier claimed that a Russian energy company was willing to pay Carter Page a 19% brokerage fee if he helped get an $11 Billion dollar deal approved by the Trump administration once in office. That is just plain crazy! Does anyone really believe that Page could suddenly come into a $2 Billion-dollar windfall without anybody questioning it? Only an absolute idiot, like Sen. John McCain, would believe such nonsense!


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