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Media Declares End Of Clinton Era

In the past 72 hours, more and more figures in the Democratic Party and in ′The Media′ are declaring that the Clinton Era has come to an end. That Bill and Hillary Clinton have become too toxic to have any more power or presence in the party′s operations. Several public figures have stated that they now believe that Bill Clinton should have resigned after some of the sexual allegations he was accused of. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is growing more bitter and insane with her belief that she was robbed of the presidency. She continues to hint that she wants to run again in 2020. Can the Democratic Party survive another Hillary campaign?




Perhaps the better question is will the Democrats survive her last attempt for the White House? The Uranium One deal hangs like a sword above the Clinton Foundation and legacy. The FBI informant will soon be testifying to Congress. This could open the door to a full probe into how the Clinton charity organization was run. There are already many hints that Uranium One might also expose corruption by many others, including Robert Mueller and James Comey, to name a few. The Uranium One deal may be the key that unlocks the entire world of Washington lobbyists and how they influence our government.

The wave of sexual harassment allegations is blowing open many parts of American Society. While some Republicans may get caught in the whirlwind, the bulk of those being exposed as of now are mostly members and supporters of the Democratic Party. From Hollywood to Silicon Valley to Washington, the list of those accused grows steadily. Some Democrats are fighting back. In Ohio, State Supreme Court Judge Bill O′Neil has come out swinging, bragging on Twitter about how he had sex with at least 50 ″attractive″ women and is proud of it! Believe me, this guy is no George Clooney, so if he had sex with 50 willing women, I would bet that there are probably 400 or more who he tried to seduce and failed.


Bill Clinton did set the standard in the 1990s for catting around. Even before then, Bill had been a busy boy. Throughout the 1980s, Bill Clinton had prowled the streets of Little Rock in search of tail. Hillary was no slouch either, as suspected with the alleged affair with Vince Foster. Once in Washington, Hillary may have begun to switch teams, as rumors of relations with a number of women surfaced. However, my guess is that her switch-hitting began long before, probably in college.


For a long time, going back to the Kennedy Era, even FDR, the Democratic Party was considered the ′fun′ party. Boozing and orgies were all routine. Sex with women and men were all fair game for Democrat politicians. Even today we still are seeing it. News reports have two young women, 18 and 19 years of age, claiming that they were sexually harassed as volunteers by coworkers in both the Hillary and Bernie Sanders campaigns. Given Hillary′s history, as well as Bernie′s old writings, I don′t doubt the allegations.


While some Democrats and members of The Media opine the end of the Clinton Era, what is actually in play here is the exposure of the Democratic Party as being hypocrites on the subject of feminism and women′s rights. The old notion that any behavior was acceptable so long as you supported one cause or another is what is ending. This is the built-in folly of ′Identity Politics′. In this Age of Social Media, where everyone has a way to communicate, getting away with bad behavior, even hypocrisy, is difficult. We are still at the beginning of this new age. So stay tuned as more is exposed!


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