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Media Freaks Out Over Pocahontas Joke

Yesterday, President Donald Trump honored two Navajo ′Code Talkers′ in the White House. The President presented them with medals for their service in the Marine Corps during the World War 2 battle on Iwo Jima. Being actual, genuine, Native American Indians, President Trump remarked how their people have been here in North America for a very long time. He then added that a certain member of Congress also claims to have been here a long time, which is why she is named Pocahontas. Immediately, the Fake News Media went on a tirade! Even Pocahontas, herself, Senator Elizabeth Warren, appeared on MSNBC and accused President Trump of being a racist. Really? Who is the real racist? The person pretending to Native American to get financial gain perhaps?




Elizabeth Warren lied about being part Indian just so she could get a job and earn more money. A rather substantial amount I might add, well over $350,000. Just to speak at a seminar a couple of times. Who known how much she made from other jobs by lying about her ethnicity? President Trump speaks the truth and gets slammed by The Media all day. Even into the next day as the dopes at ″Morning Joe″ chimed in with their disgust. Like anybody pays them much mind.


I′ve been out of action for the past few days nursing an injury. I developed a case of ′tennis elbow′ while practicing my attack angles with my cutlass. I suppose we could say I have ′sword elbow′. My right elbow especially hurts when I execute the 5th and 6th attack angles, which are the sideways slashes from right and left. So I have been absent since injuring my right arm Friday night. Not that much has happened other than a major terrorist attack in Egypt.


True, I could be writing about the latest Congressional sex scandal news, or about how Robert Mueller and his gang allowed much of our uranium ore to be sold to the Russians. But, no, I would rather fan the flames on Pocahontas. After all, Elizabeth Warren may run for president in 2020. Good to keep her ′forked tongue′ in the public eye. President Trump did a great job of ′branding′ her. This is what really ticks off The Media. The power of Trump Fu strikes again, and again, and again!


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