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Media Reaction To Trump Phoenix Rally

What can I say? The reaction to the President Donald Trump Phoenix rally by the Fake News Media was as expected. Most panned the speech, upset that he spent much his the time bashing them for their coverage of the Charlottesville response. President Trump felt he had to address it, as it is what most of The Media has been talking about for over a week now. Forget that the economy is doing great or that North Korea blinked and backed down from threatening us. The Fake News Media continues to lie about how President Trump responded to Charlottesville.




MSNBC was perhaps the worse as they stopped broadcasting the rally, allowing Lawrence O′Donnell to chat with various critics of the President instead. Sure, they had a split screen showing the rally, but it was muted. Apparently, MSNBC did not care what President Trump said. Not that it matters much since they always twist what he says anyway. Or cherry pick his words to convey an entirely erroneous story.


Over at CNN, while they did show the rally, as soon as it was over, the knives came out. They sliced and diced the President′s speech in order to continue their lies about how unfit he is to be in the White House. Forget that President Trump said during each speech and tweet about Charlottesville that he ″condemns in the strongest terms″ the ″hatred, bigotry and violence″. Or that he has specifically condemned the Neo-Nazis, the KKK, and White Supremacists. The story-line at CNN is still that President Trump is some sort of racist.


I don′t expect CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times or the Washington Post to tell the truth. Nor any of the broadcast networks like ABC, NBC and CBS. Their news divisions are no more honest that the rest of the Fake News Media. Last week, when North Korea changed it′s tune and backed down from launching missiles at Guam, those broadcast network news programs focused between 77% to 100% of their shows on the lie that President Trump did not adequately condemn the racists at Charlottesville. Of course, they also lied about how other opposing groups, like Antifa, had contributed to the violence two Saturdays ago. Even when several news reporters in the field were assaulted and injured by the ′counter-protesters′.


Looks like the Fake News Media thinks that a brawl only has one side. That it does not take two to have a fistfight. This is exactly why President Donald Trump feels he has to use events like his Phoenix rally to tell the whole truth. You certainly won′t get much, if any truth, from The Media. Hardly any mention at all about how protesters attacked Trump supporters last night after the rally was over. Even a Black man who supports President Trump got punched by protesters. I wonder if those protesters should be considered racists for that?


The President Trump rally speech covered quite a bit of territory. He wants Congress, especially the Senate, to start passing legislation, like tax reform, border security, infrastructure and, oh yes, repealing and replacing Obamacare! Naturally, President Trump took a swipe at Senator John McCain, as well as Jeff ′The Flake′ Flake, for not helping end the tyranny of Obamacare on the American people. Makes one wonder if senators like them are more interested in making their pals in The Media and Establishment happy than doing some good for the citizens? Hopefully, with the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections, we voters can set these bums straight and remind them why they were sent to Washington.


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