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One Year After Trump Election Victory

Here it is! November 8, 2017, one year after Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States of America! Will you celebrate today by rejoicing? That we will now Make America Great Again? Or, will you join those Liberals still agitated after a year who plan to scream at the sky and clouds? Funny how many Liberals are now saying we need to put the election behind us now that Donna Brazile is telling her side of the inside story behind the Hillary Clinton defeat. But, after one year, America is already moving forward as The Age of Trump reshapes the world.




The stock markets did not crash as predicted by some. Instead, we have had an almost 29% gain in the Dow Jones, with yesterday marking its 58th record high since the election. About 2 million new jobs have been created, most of them full-time jobs. More new, high-paying manufacturing jobs have been created in the past year than during all 8 years of Barack Obama. Illegal immigration has declined over 75%, and ′The Wall′ hasn′t even been built yet! The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, has been tossed out of several major cities in Syria and Iraq, including their so-called capitol of Raqqa.


True, much has yet to happen. But you cannot really blame President Donald Trump. He has been doing what he can on his own, such as eliminating nearly 1,000 regulations. Consumer Confidence is at its highest level in 17 years. Nearly every business indicator there is are also at similar highs. The level of optimism in the country has begun to turn around after years of malaise and mediocrity. The only people holding President Trump back right now are members of Congress. Republicans are still acting slow with timidity and Democrats are mere obstructing everything.


The Fake News Media would like you to believe that the loss last night of Ed Gillipse in his bid to become the Governor of Virginia was a sign that people are rejecting President Trump. But this is not true. Gillipse was never a supporter of Trump as he is a long-time ′Bushite′. He never even asked Trump to appear with him during his campaign. But then, the Fake News Media lies about everything if it means attacking President Trump.


The Truth is coming out, slowly but surely. Take the recent news that Fusion GPS, hired by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to dig up dirt on Trump, looks as if they conspired with the Russian attorney who met with Donald Trump Jr. in the summer of 2016. The attorney met with the head of Fusion GPS both before and after the meeting with Don Jr. Coincidence? I think NOT!!! We are also getting to the truth about the Uranium One deal, the DNC rigging their own primary, and many other scandals involving Hillary Clinton. We now know that James Comey was drafting his speech about absolving her of any crimes over her mishandling of classified material months before she and her staff were questioned by the FBI. Comey even changed the wording of his memo.


Liberals will be crying and screaming today as they still cannot get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost because she is a crook. Their attempt to connect President Trump with Russia has failed. The Fake News Media is still beating that dead horse, but it will do them no good. America is doing better now with President Donald Trump in the White House. The world is respecting us more now than in decades. Rejoice, my friends, WE ARE WINNING!



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