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Roy Moore Allegations, Oh You Kid

The past week or so has been mighty rough for the Alabama Republican senatorial candidate, Roy Moore. The Washington Post published stories about Moore allegedly pursuing teenage girls during a period of time over 30 years ago. At least 5 have come forward with tales of alleged sexual harassment and assault. Just about the entire GOP Establishment in Washington, DC has turned their back on Moore, who has denied all charges. The word is that Steve Bannon is now reconsidering his support. With just a few weeks before the election, calls for Moore to step down are increasing.




I have been reluctant to write about this story. When the initial Harvey Weinstein allegations came out, I wrote that it would be difficult to prove unless there was some physical evidence. Within a day or two after I wrote that, an audio recording made during a NYPD sting operation from several years ago emerged. An actress reported a complaint against Weinstein immediately after he allegedly assaulted her. The police rigged her with a ′wire′ and the very next day she met with Weinstein. The recording clearly got him admitting to groping her breasts against her wishes, even his apology!


Now, in Moore′s case, we have a high school year book which he signed for one of his alleged accusers back in 1977. This certainly proves that he knew the young lady. However, pardon for raising this point, why would the alleged victim of an alleged sexual assault get the assaulter to sign her year book? Could it be that, as some teenage girls do, she chose to date a 32-year old man with a real job and a car instead of a pimple-faced boy in her class who rides a Schwinn? Oh you kid!!!


Back in my freshman days in high school, I knew of at least two girls, both probably 14, who the scuttlebutt was that they were dating guys in their 20s. One was said to have been 25. There were a few others who were dating older students at the school. By my second year in school, at least one gal had dropped out due to pregnancy. Nope, it wasn′t me who became a baby-daddy.


So, I have to say that at this point, with what we now know, I suspect that the allegations are at least partially true concerning Roy Moore. I believe it was Reuters yesterday who reported that a shopping mall had banned Moore due to complaints of him allegedly bothering young ladies at an Orange Julius stand. Another factor to keep in mind is that at the time Roy Moore was allegedly cruising for teenage girls, he was a member of the Democratic Party! Need I say more?


There is no doubt that the Washington Post started this smear campaign because they oppose Roy Moore politically. At some point, Moore got religion and became a Republican. Those qualify as two marks against him by the Washington Post. The BIG QUESTION now is should he drop out? There is already talk that the Senate may deny him his seat if he should win using a procedure which hasn′t been successful since 1866 or so. Also, the Alabama state officials may nullify and void the election results. From what I hear and read, the governor could postpone the election and have a fresh start at a later date, allowing for other candidates. There has even been chatter about Jeff Sessions resigning as Attorney General and going back to win his old seat again.


If I were a citizen of the State of Alabama, I would still be inclined to vote for Roy Moore. If for no other reason than to both deny the Democrats the Senate seat and to stick a weed up the ass of the Fake News Media and the GOP Establishment. Even if Moore did do what he is alleged to have done, how does that make him any different than others serving in Congress? We just learned yesterday that some $15 Million dollars of our money has been paid to staffers sexually harassed by members of the House. Two who are currently serving are being investigated. Over in the Senate, federal prosecutors in the Bob Menendez case stated this week that they do not ″disbelieve″ the allegations made against him about alleged sex with an under-aged prostitute. Plus, the allegations are all well over 30 years ago. People can and do change. It appears that Roy Moore has and should be commended.


I have to wonder how many sexual harassment cases are made over at the Washington Post? There are new reports that both the Huffington Post and Vice Media are ′Boys Clubs′. I hate to say it but this is what happens when men and women work together. And its not just the men who are misbehaving. Look at all of the recent cases of female teachers having sex with their male students. As much as we liked to try and have everybody act correctly all of the time, it still comes down to individuals making choices and judgments. Perhaps the lesson to be learned with all of these recent revelations is that when bad things happen, report them immediately. By remaining quiet, you just allow more bad things to happen to others.


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