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Roy Moore Poised To Win Alabama Senate Race

Judge Roy Moore is poised to win the special Alabama election for the U.S. Senate. The latest polls show him with a lead over Doug Jones of at least 3 points. Though, I expect these polls were rigged to downplay his actual support. My guess is that Roy Moore will win tomorrow′s vote by between 5 and 8 points, if not more! Even during the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, when voter turn out amongst Blacks was at an all time high in Alabama, Barack Obama still only managed to get about 38%. President Donald Trump clobbered Hillary Clinton in Alabama by an even wider margin in 2016. So it would not surprise me that Moore wins by double digits.




Mind you, Roy Moore has had quite a bit of dirt tossed at him. The allegations of him chasing teenage girls when he was a young man have hurt him. While other politicians and celebrities have had their careers cut short by the recent wave of sexual harassment allegations, Roy Moore is weathering the storm. Partly due to his past 40 years of excellent service to the people of Alabama. Also due to recent developments showing that some of the accusations against him may be false.


Just before the weekend, we learned that one accuser has admitted to writing some of the items in her high school yearbook which she previously attributed to Moore. We also learned some time ago that her claim that she did not meet Moore again after he allegedly fondled her at the age of 17 was false. Moore had been the judge who had presided over her divorce many years later.


Other stories have surfaced that the initial information handed to the Washington Post about Moore′s activities as a young man may have come from somebody who once worked for the Jeb Bush 2016 campaign. Thus, adding fuel to the fire that Moore is the target of not only the Fake News Media, but also the GOP Establishment. Voters in Alabama have no stomach to be told whom to vote for by The Media nor by Beltway Insiders. There is still enough ′Rebel′ left in them to oppose such actions.


On the practical side, a vote for Roy Moore keeps the seat Republican after having been vacated by Jeff Sessions. Even if the Senate Ethics Committee determines that the allegations against Moore are true, the Alabama governor will simply appoint another fellow Republican to replace him. Add all of this with the recent endorsement by President Trump to keep the seat Republican, there seems little chance of Democratic Party candidate Doug Jones winning tomorrow.


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