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Rudy Giuliani Calls Out Robert Mueller

During an exclusive interview with Sean Hannity, America′s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, called out Robert Mueller. This may not be High Noon in Tombstone, but Rudy threw down the gauntlet. In short, he demands that Mueller consider the possibility that James Comey is a liar! Now, the rest of the Fake News Media were all a-gaa-gaa over Rudy′s statement that President Trump repaid Michael Cohen the $130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels for her silence. Therefore, Cohen is not guilty of any election donation violation. The Media is running with this as proof that President Trump knew about the payment. But, Rudy was asked about that by Hannity and told Sean that Trump knew few details at the time of the payment. Rudy offered that Trump is a busy guy, and that lawyers like Cohen and Rudy do stuff for their clients all the times without their knowledge.




No, the Stormy thing is no big deal, despite how CNN wants to play it up. CNN should rename themselves PNN for Porn News Network. The name to trust to learn who is wearing a condom or not. What was the big deal in last night′s interview is that Trump′s legal team is ready for a fight. Recent personnel changes have left them in a far better place to do battle.


Rudy says that based on that list of goofy questions leaked the other day, it is obvious that Robert Mueller has nothing to indict President Trump with. Mueller′s only hope is to trick the President into saying something which he can argue perjury based on the testimony of another. Especially that of James Comey. If Mueller is predisposed to think that Comey is 100% truthful, then there is no point in exposing President Trump to any legal jeopardy. We know, just from the public record, that Comey has lied, many times. What Giuliani wants is a public acknowledgment from Robert Mueller that he knows Comey is dishonest on some matters and is willing to be fair with President Trump.


Rudy wants plenty of other considerations. All questions in writing before the interview. Limiting the time to 2 to 3 hours. That the President not be under oath. That the questions be limited to a very short list of topics related to the Russian collusion probe. If Mueller agrees to all conditions, then he may get his interview. If not, then we are looking a possible subpoena battle in the courts. More on that subject next time...


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