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Schumer Shutdown, Dems Get Blamed

Talk about political miscalculations! Even the Liberal news media has failed to prevent the Democratic Party from being blamed for Government Shutdown 2018. Ever since Friday when Dick Mulvaney uttered the phrase, ″Schumer Shutdown″ to the White House Press Corps, Senate Democrats have been painted into a corner. I have no doubt that President Donald Trump, the master of branding, coined the tag-line. #SchumerShutdown has been trending big-time on Twitter and other social media. Even a CNN poll shows Democrats being blamed more than President Trump or Republicans.




Schumer and the rest bit off more than they can chew this time. Closing the government down, sort of, may wipe away any hopes they had to rally victories in the mid-term elections. The very idea that Democrats are choosing illegal immigrants over our military troops and sick children shows they went an issue too far. The GOP-controlled House passed a 4-week continuous spending resolution, tossing in a 6-year guarantee for funding CHIP, the Child Health Insurance Program. About 10 states are about to run out of their CHIP money, making a continuing resolution, ′CR′, critical. But in the Senate, Chucky Schumer is gambling all for the sake of adult-aged, illegal immigrants.


Ignore what The Media is telling you about DACA. Most of the DACA recipients are adults, with an average age of 24 to 26. None of them were born here, even if they had been brought into the U.S. by their parents. Also, this number of 800,000 or so is a lie! Dicky Durbin and Chucky Schumer want to cover all of the so-called, Dreamers, totally some 3.6 Million. Not just with visas or a pathway to citizenship, but with an instant amnesty and passport. On top of all of that, the argument that the Democrats want to attached ′The DACA Bill′ to the ′CR′ is another lie, as there is NO DACA bill to attach! I certainly would not call the scam outline presented by Dicky Durbin and Lindsey Graham ′bipartisan legislation′. Just because 2 or maybe 4 people came up with an outline doesn′t make it something representing the other 96 or 98 senators.


Nope, Chucky Schumer blew it last night. After meeting with President Trump in the early afternoon, Schumer had plenty of time to negotiate a deal to pass the continuing resolution to keep the government running. Luckily for us, President Trump and his economic team are well qualified to handle money and operate on a shoestring if need be. Most agencies have plenty of cash in their reserve budgets and the IRS will be raking in plenty over the next couple of months. Especially that $38 Billion from Apple as they repatriate some $250 Billion from off-shore bank accounts back into the United States.


The worst part, however, is the fact that our 1.3 Million members of the Armed Forces will not be paid until this ruckus is over. Plus those sick children in states running out of CHIP money may not get the healthcare they need. They can blame their ills on the Schumer Shutdown as Senate Democrats favor illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens.


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