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Thankful For President Donald Trump

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2017! I am thankful that the White House is occupied by President Donald J. Trump! As soon as he took office, America′s slide into Socialism came to a screeching halt. President Trump is precisely the sort of person we need in the Oval Office. A strong leader. A REAL man who is bold, brash and a fighter. President Trump is fighting for us, not for globalists or some political crime syndicate. He is living up to his campaign promise to Make America Great Again!




America certainly is getting better. The nation′s over all attitude is more optimistic. Consumer Confidence is higher than it has been for nearly 2 decades. The various equity markets are all at record levels. Our Gross National Product, GDP, is increasing at rates we have not seen in about a decade or more. More citizens are working. More companies are higher. The trade imbalances are poised to decline significantly. Our allies internationally are being reassured. Our enemies tremble in fear.


On top of everything else, President Donald Trump is fun! He has an awesome sense of humor. Whats more, he is driving the Far Left absolutely CRAZY! President Trump is out doing Ronald Reagan. I won′t even bother mentioning the two, low-energy Bush guys. Thanks to President Trump, we didn′t get stuck with a third Bush. Nor a second Clinton! For that we should all Thank God in giving us President Donald J. Trump.


I don′t even want to think about what this country would be like had Hillary Clinton won. There are too many signs as it is. Like Dartmouth College holding an event next year about ″What′s Up With White People?″ Or like the Girl Scouts warning parents not to force their children to hug family members visiting for the holidays. Speaking of holidays, thanks to President Trump, we can now say ″Merry Christmas″ again! There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton would have continued the godless policies of Barack Obama in removing Christ from our national culture.


So on this Thanksgiving Day 2017, while you boycott NFL games on TV, let us all stand for our Flag, our National Anthem, and for President Donald J. Trump. Thank the Good Lord, Our Heavenly Father, that He has blessed our country with a man, a REAL MAN, to lead us back to prosperity and peace. And yes, make sure your Liberal relatives know that you are happy and proud that President Trump is in the White House! Let them steam and squirm. Our side won! Victory is to be rejoiced! Spoils enjoyed! Amen!


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