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The Case Against Jeff Flake

What goes on in Arizona? How can a state which gave us Senator Barry Goldwater stick us with two baboons, John McCain and Jeff Flake? Has Arizona adopted the RINO as the state animal? Seriously, they can do better. Hopefully, they will in 2018 by retiring Jeff Flake and replacing him with somebody who will actually work with President Donald Trump instead of writing hate-books about him. Did Jeff Flake really think he would get away with that?




I do not care if the statistics says he votes with President Trump 90% of the time. Most of what the U.S. Senate has voted on so far this year is the usual nonsense of naming post offices and declaring new national holidays. That missing 10% includes the BIG ISSUE legislation. Flake and McCain have been no better than Democrats in obstructing important bills. Bills which will have a major impact on citizens of this country.


Take John McCain′s excuse for not voting on the Obamacare repeal bill. He said that he was not confident it would go to conference. WHAT??? Seeing as how that bill was not the House Obamacare repeal and replace bill, of course it would go to conference! Has McCain forgotten how the system works? Maybe he should just retire now as it appears that his brain cancer has affected his memory. Certainly his campaign promise to repeal and replace Obamacare from last year.


Jeff Flake is no better. Presidential elections are the closest thing we have to a national referendum. The American people voted and chose the agenda of President Trump. They want Obamacare gone, they want the taxes cut and the system simplified, they want our borders secured with a real wall, as well as other issues which Trump ran on. Including stopping illegal immigration and unvetted refugees from pouring into the country. But Jeff Flake seems to not have understood this outcry by the citizens.


Instead, Jeff Flake wants America to continue being a ′Chump Nation′. A ′Sucker Nation′. That suits him fine as he gets a lot of financial support from those who profit from us having open borders and excessive regulations. He could care less if illegal immigrants who are repeatedly deported for committing crimes here keep returning to kill and rape more Americans. As long as various interests keep sending him campaign contributions, Flake will look the other way at such atrocities.


Right now, I am not endorsing any senatorial candidate for the primary in Arizona next year. Perhaps I will at a later date when one impresses me enough. However, as things stand now, anyone is better than Jeff Flake! He has already proven himself to be a ′Cuck′. A genuine RINO-CINO! Neither Arizona, nor the rest of America, needs the likes of him in the U.S. Senate. If the GOP Establishment is going to waste money on getting him reelected, then I suggest sending your money to individual candidates instead of any national organization. Perhaps replacing Jeff Flake with another candidate will send a message to the rest of the Republicans in Washington to stop dragging their feet and pass the agenda of President Donald Trump!


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