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President Donald J. Trump signed the GOP tax cut bill on Friday, ensuring a Merry Christmas for America! As soon as the bill passed, several large companies announced bonus paychecks and wage increases for their employees. Some now estimate GDP growth of 5% to 6% in 2018. Goldman Sachs is predicting that unemployment will hit a record low unseen since World War 2! Meanwhile, the Democratic Party and The Media are behaving like sore losers, as expected. As President Trump and the American People keep winning, Democrats and the Fake News Media keep losing. Their attempts to derail the Trump Presidency continue to fail, day after day.




As we move into 2018, the truth will become even more apparent. American workers will see more money in their paychecks. Those with 401K plans have already seen an increase of some 25% on average. Consumer confidence is at an all-time high with much spending this holiday season. Personal savings have dipped somewhat, but many analysts see this as a sign that people are less worried about the future. The fear of losing your job has vanished from our minds. The so-called ′New Normal′ of the Barack Obama Era, with slow economy growth and declining incomes has been replaced by the ′New Optimism′. President Donald Trump is fulfilling his campaign promise to ′Make America Great Again′!


Despite the 91% of negative news reported 24/7 by the Fake News Media, the Trump Presidency is roaring right along, achieving its goals. Illegal border crossing have plummeted some 75% or more. Along with Neil Gorsuch appointed to the Supreme Court, 12 Appeals Court judges have been placed, the most in a single year since the 1880s. Over 80 pieces of legislation have passed Congress, the most since the days of Harry S. Truman. We have the highest GDP growth rate in some 15 years, about double the average rate of the Obama years. The stock markets are on a tear, increasing over 30% and setting some 70 new record highs since Trump was elected. Nearly 900 federal regulations have been eliminated at a ratio of 22 removed for each new one.


When American workers start seeing the extra cash in their paychecks come February, it will become obvious to all that the negativity of the Democratic Party and The Media has been a pack of lies. All of this ′chatter′ about how Democrats are poised to take back the House and Senate will evaporate. Even GOP Establishment types, like Karl Rove, will shut up about President Trump not campaigning during the mid-terms. Psycho Joe Scarborough and other bozos who were complaining about how Republicans were praising President Trump during the ′victory lap′ at the White House on Wednesday will be dashed upon the rocky shores of Reality. The truth is that President Donald J. Trump is an unstoppable force to contend with.


The rest of the world is starting to figure that out as well. Just take the decisions to move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, or the selling of anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. Decades of indecisiveness and timidity in our foreign policy are being replaced by bold, strong leadership. In less than a year, the Islamic State, or ISIS, has been virtually destroyed. ′The Caliphate′ no longer exists in Iraq and is nearly wiped out in Syria. In Afghanistan, a record number of Taliban leaders have been killed as our military was allowed to do its job by the Trump administration. No more restraints on our troops from bubbled-brained, college professors. Even our UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is ′taking names′ of our enemies!


In less than one, full year, President Donald J. Trump has turned America around! Happy days are here again! We can even now start wishing people a ′Merry Christmas′ instead of just ′Happy Holidays′. I almost died laughing this week when President Trump led his cabinet in a prayer and asked the news media in the room to pray with him. I could only imagine the look on the faces of the Fake News Media when that happened. President Trump has single-handedly broken the back of Modern Liberalism. He is pushing the envelop well beyond anything even Ronald Reagan dreamed of!


So a Merry Christmas to you all and God Bless the United States and President Donald Trump! We are living at the start of a glorious, new era for our country. The Far Left is completely discombobulated and on their heels. Soon they will be on their knees! I can imagine President Trump soon announcing, ″We will crush our enemies, drive them before us, and hear the lamentations of their women.″ 2018 will be a wonderful year for us all!


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