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Trump Chooses People Over Press, Again

President Donald J. Trump appeared publicly last night in Washington..., Washington Township, Michigan. At a massive rally at the Total Sports Park arena, the President once again chose to be with the American People rather than with Beltway and Hollywood elites. For the second year in a row, he skipped the much ballyhooed White House Correspondent′s Dinner. This year′s WHCD was especially awful considering that CNN received an award for their coverage of the Christopher Steele dossier. A Fake News award to a Fake News outfit for promoting Fake News! What could be more telling of the state of journalism these days?




Seriously, how much more ridiculous can this be? A phony dossier full of lies paid for by some of the biggest liars around, the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign, containing material written by Russian propaganda professionals. This stands out as a great moment in journalism? A story that must be told at all costs? Is it any wonder why this morning on CSPAN, a public poll shows well over 60% of the viewers no longer trust the news media? The only real wonder is why the percentage is not higher, like 99%?


The festivities at the WHCD were made even more vile thanks to so-called comedian, Michelle Wolf. Not only does she have an irritating voice, somewhere between baby-talk and scratching a blackboard, but her ′comedy′ was vulgar to the extreme. She even tried to make light of the Southwest Airline flight where an engine failure caused a woman to be killed. How sick is that? Her attacks on President Trump were all shallow, obvious and banal, as were her assaults on Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway. So much for the Year of the Woman, I guess.


President Trump was way funnier and had much better material last night. He poked fun at James Comey, Debbie Stabinow and Jon Tester. The President also poked much fun at his usual nemesis, the Fake News Media. The audience loved every minute of it! Once again, President Donald Trump proved that he is the Rally King! He spoke for about an hour and 20 minutes, 7 times longer than the disgusting Michelle Wolf. The crowd cheered the President often, even chanting ″Nobel, Nobel″ at one point in reference to talk of a Nobel Peace Prize should President Trump denuclearize North Korea.


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