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Trump DACA Meeting

President Donald J. Trump held a meeting at the White House yesterday. He invited 22 Republican and Democratic Party lawmakers from both the House and the Senate to discuss DACA. The so-called ′Dream Act′. The primary issue is what to do about the some 800,000 illegal immigrants whom Barack Obama excluded from deportation by executive order. While many will have you believe that they are all children brought into America by their parents, many are adults. About 900, roughly 0.11%, have joined the U.S. military. Many are employed, including some 20,000 in education. The meeting began as usual with the ′Press Spray′, where reporters, photographers and video cameramen spend a few minutes taking snapshots, etc. However, a remarkable thing happened. President Trump allowed the news media to remain in the room for about 55 minutes, witnessing much of the discussion!




Early on the group agreed to divide the issues into two phases of legislation. A larger, ′comprehensive′ immigration reform bill would come later as Phase Two. Phase One would focus on DACA, border security, including ′The Wall′, as well as ending chain immigration and the lottery system. President Trump also insisted that all future immigration be ′merit′ based, much as the policies of Canada and Australia are.


Naturally, the Democrats wanted to just deal with DACA separately, as a deadline approaches on March 3. Last September, President Trump gave Capitol Hill six months to resolve the DACA issue. When Obama instituted the so-called, ′Dream Act′ by executive order, he did so by skirting Congressional authority on the matter. The President wants Congress to correct that abuse of power.


DACA is estimated to cost U.S. taxpayers some $26 Billion dollars to keep going. If Congress fails to come up with a plan by March 3, then the Trump administration will begin the process of deporting many of the illegals. Starting with those who have criminal records followed by those who are unemployed and are a drain to our national treasury. President Trump is prepared to compromise, allowing most of the Dreamers to remain under certain conditions. He wants funding the border wall, as well as more border and ICE officers to be part of the deal. He also wants the immigration lottery program and chain immigration ended.


The immigration lottery program has been around since the 1990s and randomly chooses countries from which there is low immigration from. Applicants from those countries are then given special status and moved up on admission schedules. Chain immigration occurs when one legal immigrant is allowed to sponsor family members into the country. Two recent terrorist attacks in New York City involved terrorists whom entered the country on both of these programs.


On DACA itself, many see this as a cheat since legal immigrants must often wait many years and spend considerable sums of their own money to legally enter America. The Obama administration encouraged illegal immigration in the last couple of years of its reign, often relocating DACA immigrants in Congressional districts generally held by Republicans. The scheme by Obama was to alter the demographics of those districts in make them more Democratic Party friendly.


President Trump is taking a huge risk in trying to cut a deal on DACA. He told lawmakers, on camera before the public, that he is willing to ″take the heat″ on a compromise. However, he also firmly stated that any deal must include funding for a ″border wall system″, estimated to cost some $18 Billion dollars. This system will include both physical wall as well as electronic surveillance and additional border agents to cover gaps in The Wall. Much of the southern border already has physical barriers, such as mountains and rivers, which make illegal crossing difficult if not impossible.


But the most interesting point in yesterday′s meeting was the allowing the White House Press Corps such access for 55 minutes. President Trump demonstrated to the world that rumors from books and other sources about his mental stability and intelligence are all dead wrong! There is now no doubt that he is very capable of being President of the United States of America. His leadership style is far superior than that of any other president we have seen in decades. President Trump wants Congress to function and get things done. He even suggested reviving a rational ′earmark′ program to allow more bipartisan cooperation during legislative negotiations. If he can achieve success in this, President Trump will have shown his genius as a deal maker!


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