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Trump Immigration Plan, More Trump Fu

In yet another ′stable-genius′ move, President Donald Trump has done it again with his new immigration plan. The Shaolin Grand Master of Trump Fu out-performs the Democrats and Pro-Amnesty orgs by offering a pathway to citizenship, not to just 800,000 DACA immigrants, but to 1.8 Million! This is 36th Chamber of Shaolin Trump Fu material! In exchange, America gets $25 Billion in a trust fund to ′Build The Wall′, secure from the whims of future Congresses. President Trump also narrows future chain migration to just spouses and minor children, and only after the 4 million or so already ′in the system′, are dealt with. A process which could take as long as 17 years! The so-called ′Diversity Visa Lottery′ program is also eliminated, putting future immigration reduced and based purely on merit.




This is BRILLIANT! Just look at the reaction! Not only are Ann Coulter and Lou Dobbs upset, but also the Democratic Party and pro-amnesty groups like La Raza and United We Dream. These schmucks all make money off of the plight of illegal immigrants. Democrat politicians, La Raza and United We Dream all thrive on donations from fat-cats like George Soros and other ′Open Border′ types. To resolve the whole illegal immigration issue to cut off their funding. Even Ann Coulter might start selling fewer books and Lou Dobbs′ ratings might drop.


Obviously, President Trump is not going to get his plan accepted. But, by ′Going BIG′, he sets the standard for an eventual deal which should cover all bases. The Democrats really have no choice. The tide has turned against them. The recent Harvard-Harper poll shows that the vast majority of the American public favors the Trump immigration agenda by wide margins. Around 60-80% approve on all issues. Some 79% want immigration slashed in half and based on merit. Over 60% want the borders secured, including some sort of additional physical barriers where needed.


The pathway to citizenship proposed by President Trump would take 10 to 12 years and be conditional. Those participating would have to stay out of trouble and not commit any crimes. They would also have to seek employment and be productive members of American society. Of course, the Democrats and pro-Amnesty bunch think that this is racist. More ′white supremacist′ rhetoric. Nancy Pelosi even goes as far to say that this plan goes against American culture. REALLY? She is just totally insane if she thinks that not breaking laws and being productive members of society is evil.


Pelosi and Chuck Schumer blew it when they ended their government shutdown over DACA after just 3 days. May as well call it 4 hours or so as most of the shutdown was over the weekend and impacted nobody. If they think Trump was Jello, what does that make them? An exceptionally soft and wet noodle? Like being overcooked for two hours such that they fell apart at the slightest touch! President Trump has the wind at his back and the People, the REAL, legal citizens, on his side now. There is no stopping him! I think even Lindsey Graham has seen the handwriting on ′The Wall′ for this one.


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